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The Brazilian Armed Forces have never failed the nation, do not need an outcry from the people to fulfill their oath – Gen. Paulo Chagas

After a decision made yesterday, Dec. 5, by the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region suspended the acquisition of 98 vehicles that would allow our Army to offer greater support for the already outdated MBT Leopard 1A5, one of the most influential voices of the Brazilian Armed Forces, General Paulo Chagas, decided to speak out about the occurrence.

On his Twitter account, he said the following.

The PT [party] is taking resources from the Defense to cover the hole of campaign promises.

It is the old custom of buying the people with worthless checks, which in the end are paid by the people themselves with interest for the corrupt who legitimize the illegal!

The wood that is born crooked dies cut at the root!


On Dec. 3, it became clear that General Chagas is a key person when it comes to an understanding of what an important part of the armed forces really thinks.

In an exclusive interview granted to the ‘Mundo Militar’ outlet, he gave very relevant statements about daily events that plague the nation.

And when asked if the Armed Forces could kneel to dictators, as happened in several South American countries, the general replied as follows:

There is no such risk. The Armed Forces of Brazil have never kowtowed, nor will they ever kowtow to any dictator or dictatorship.

Then yesterday, on Dec. 5, he published on Twitter something that sounds almost like an oracle and must be music to the ears of the millions of protesting Brazilians:

“The Brazilian Armed Forces have never failed the nation, and they do not need a warning, a call, or an outcry from the people to fulfill their oath.

Those who trust them fear nothing; they are only ready to fight.”


And on Dec. 4, he directly and head-on attacked the self-proclaimed new censor pope and de facto ruler of the country, Alexandre de Moraes:

“Where is the source code for the counting? The Ministry of Defense requested it to conclude the inspection to which it was invited, but the TSE has not yet delivered it.

WHY, if the pacification of the country depends on it? What is hidden in this code?

Can’t we make another one after opening it to the people?”

And then this afternoon, he followed up with this:

It is up to President Bolsonaro to begin the end of the state of exception that we are being subjected to

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