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Former Supreme Court Justice defends Bolsonaro and blames STF for invasions in Brasília

Former Supreme Court (STF) Justice Marco Aurélio Mello told Globo newspaper that former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL, right) is not to blame for his supporters’ invasion of the National Congress.

He blamed the Supreme Court for the acts.

Marco Aurélio questioned where the state had been and why it did not foresee and take the appropriate measures to prevent the invasion.

The National Congress, the Supreme Court (STF), and the Planalto Palace were attacked.

Marco Aurélio Mello. (Photo internet reproduction)
Marco Aurélio Mello. (Photo internet reproduction)

“I am appalled, and the only question I ask is: where was the state that did not foresee this and did not take the appropriate measures? I mean the state, not just the Federal District government.”

“It is unthinkable that the STF (Federal Supreme Court) is looted, that the National Congress is looted, as happened. Let’s close Brazil to keep the balance,” he said.

“It doesn’t remind us of the Capitol because it was much worse than what happened on Capitol Hill. There was resistance.”

“And the international repercussion for Brazil will be terrible. The legal uncertainty is total for Brazil. What will foreign investors think of this here? That it is a banana republic.”

The former Justice of the STF avoided holding the former president responsible for the acts in Brasilia.

“Those responsible are in Brazil, in the national territory, considering the repressive forces, the Armed Forces. Bolsonaro does not have the domain of these forces that are in the street. He is not to blame; he is how many kilometers away from here?” he questioned.

He also pointed the finger and blamed the Supreme Court itself:

“Everyone failed, and the failure began in the STF itself, when they politically resurrected former President Lula, giving the unsaid for the said, when they buried the Lava Jato when they declared the suspicion of Sergio Moro, who came to be rescued politically by the State of Paraná. What starts wrong, we learned as kids, does not end well.”


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