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Ortega expels EU ambassador from Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega on Wednesday ordered the expulsion from the country of EU Ambassador Bettina Muscheidt.

The EU delegation had called at the United Nations last week for the release of political prisoners and what they described as a ‘return of democracy’ for the Nicaraguan people.

In addition to her expulsion, Muscheidt has been declared persona non grata in Nicaragua, a European diplomatic source told La Prensa newspaper.

Bettina Muscheidt. (Photo internet reproduction)
Bettina Muscheidt. (Photo internet reproduction)

“The European Union calls on the Nicaraguan authorities to respect their own obligations, the Nicaraguan Constitution, and international human rights norms and laws,” the EU delegation said last week at the UN General Assembly.

“Nicaraguan authorities must put an end to repression, including of political opponents, clerics, independent media, civil society, and human rights defenders,” the delegation stressed.

Bettina Muscheidt took office in September 2021, before serving as head of the EU delegation to Yemen and Libya.

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