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Murder of council member confirmed in Durán, Ecuador

Latest Ecuador News reports confirmed the death of council member Bolívar Vera in Durán, a town in Ecuador’s Guayas province.

Interior Minister Juan Zapata verified Vera was kidnapped and killed. He was driving with a relative before a council meeting.

This killing happened during a 60-day emergency state. President Guillermo Lasso aims to control rising violence.

Coastal areas face a high risk of homicides this year.

Murder of council member confirmed in Durán, Ecuador -
Murder of council member confirmed in Durán, Ecuador – Bolívar Vera (Photo Internet reproduction)

On August 3, another official, Miguel Santos Burgos, was also killed in Durán. He died with two others.

Durán’s Mayor, Luis Chonillo, survived an attack earlier this year. For safety, Chonillo left the country.

Online images show Mayor Chonillo wearing safety gear at work. He’s asking for better security for local leaders due to threats.


The death of Bolívar Vera isn’t an isolated event but part of a broader trend of rising crime in Ecuador.

This escalation has caught the government’s attention, leading to the imposition of a 60-day emergency state.

Even in this high-security situation, Vera’s kidnapping and killing took place, showing the intensity of the problem.

Durán’s Guayas province is one of the most dangerous regions in Ecuador. Its coastal location makes it vulnerable to a range of illicit activities.

These include drug trafficking, which often escalates into violence and power struggles among criminal groups.

The ongoing situation has raised serious concerns about public safety. Many citizens question the effectiveness of government efforts to curb crime.

Even elected officials, like Vera and Mayor Chonillo, are not safe, causing public trust to wane.

President Guillermo Lasso has a challenging task at hand. Curbing violence needs a multi-pronged strategy beyond temporary measures like an emergency state.

Structural changes in law enforcement and public policies are essential.


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