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Brazil: “The left lives in a bubble,” says Rio de Janeiro’s governor

Reelected governor of Rio de Janeiro with 58.67% of the valid votes, Cláudio Castro (Liberal Party – PL, right) said he won in the first round because he was the only candidate in the right-wing camp.

According to him, the left does not see life as it is.

“The left lives in a bubble,” he said in an interview with O Globo newspaper published on Thursday, October 6.

“People’s lives, what impacts votes, is the reduction in the price of gasoline, rice, and beans. People went back to eating in popular restaurants in my government. There are problems, of course. But life, as it is, is not what the left sees it as.”

Rio de Janeiro state governor, Claudio Castro.
Rio de Janeiro state governor, Cláudio Castro. (Photo: internet reproduction)

According to Castro, his “greatest ability” during the electoral campaign was to make himself viable as the only right-wing candidate.

“That was fundamental since I was left alone as an option. Paulo Ganime and the New Party did not represent that,” he said.

The governor said that Ganime, federal deputy and candidate for the government with the Novo party, claimed to be “the real right” but “voted against all social agendas and the Emergency Aid” in the House.

The congressman ended the electoral race in 4th place, with 5.31% of the vote. Besides Castro, he was behind Marcelo Freixo (PSB) and Rodrigo Neves (PDT).

“Does anyone by any chance believe that a guy from Novo will increase inactive salaries [the governor readjusted public employees at the end of 2021]? Do me a favor,” Castro said.

Castro said yes when asked if he was underestimated since he took office and during the election campaign.

“There was a lot of underestimation. To this day, [President Jair] Bolsonaro doesn’t follow me on Instagram. His sons Carlos and Eduardo don’t follow me either.

“Arthur Lira [president of the House], Rodrigo Pacheco [president of the Senate], don’t either. These are signs. Almost no minister follows me. I think they are going to follow me now. Something tells me that they will,” he said.


Castro declared his support to president Jair Bolsonaro (PL, right) in the runoff for the Presidency of the Republic. The president competes with former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT, left).

About his role in Bolsonaro’s campaign, Castro said he would call elected mayors and deputies to talk and ask for support.

“We have already agreed that we will hold three major events in Rio, with the presence of the Bolsonaro family. They will be rallies, with speeches even,” he said.

When asked about the reason that led him to stand next to Bolsonaro, the governor of Rio de Janeiro answered that it was because of the “perspective” of what he had experienced.

“When I took office [in May 2021], we ran the risk of delaying salaries, and he helped me,” he said.

“Then, when the population was starving, Bolsonaro gave them Emergency Aid. He was also there in the fiscal recovery regime and in the Cedae concession.

“Why am I going to exchange a guy who has not failed me at any time for one I have never had a relationship with?”

The electoral polls show that Lula da Silva is ahead in the runoff. The PoderData survey conducted from October 3 to 5 shows the candidate with 52% voting intentions against 48% for Bolsonaro.

The score refers to valid votes attributed to any candidate, excluding blank and void votes.

If this result is confirmed and da Silva is elected, Castro said he has no problem dialoguing with the PT candidate.

“But, without a doubt, it is better when the governor and the president have total alignment, like Bolsonaro and me,” he said.

The governor said he would respect “any decision of the polls”.

With information from Poder360

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