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Mayoral candidate of Paraguayan town escapes shooting attack unharmed

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Emiliano Nelson Cano Ozuna, candidate for mayor of the Paraguayan town of Hernandarias,in the department of Alto Paraná, escaped unharmed Wednesday (6) a shooting attack on his vehicle by unidentified persons.

Cano’s son, Nelson Emiliano, was driving the vehicle and was also unharmed. The car, a pickup truck, received at least ten bullets in one of the windows.

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According to the information gathered by the newspaper ‘ABC Color’, the candidate for the Unidos por el Cambio party explained that he and his son were traveling along a rural road to check some works when the attackers came out of a wooded area and started shooting at them. When the shooting started, the driver accelerated and crashed into a ravine.

Mayoral candidate of Paraguayan, Mayoral candidate of Paraguayan town escapes shooting attack unharmed


At that moment, Cano took out his gun and fired four shots into the air, after which he took refuge in the house of a neighbor who, upon realizing what was happening, also fired with his shotgun. Finally, the attackers fled on a motorcycle.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Police of Alto Paraná have already started the relevant investigations to clarify what happened. Municipal elections will take place in Paraguay this Sunday.

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