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Ortega expels another priest from Nicaragua

Ortega’s regime has once again stoked the persecution of the Catholic Church.

On Wednesday, it became known that Panamanian priest Donancio Alarcón, who was in charge of a couple of temples that Bishop Rolando Alvarez administered in Nicaragua, was expelled from the Central American nation.

Alarcon officiated a mass on Monday in the framework of the typical ceremonies of Holy Week in Nicaragua.

, Ortega expels another priest from Nicaragua
Panamanian priest Donancio Alarcón (Photo internet reproduction)

This decision would have led to his forced departure from the country to Honduras, in a context in which Ortega has banned religious processions.

“When I was going to the Chrism Mass, they told me that they were going to expel me from the country or that they were going to throw me in prison because all the Sunday homilies were dedicated to Bishop Alvarez and that he was organizing processions.”

“I told them it was a lie,” the priest told Radio Hogar.

For some months, Ortega has taken the repression of dissent to the extreme.

The Catholic Church is one of the sectors against which the regime has lashed out the most.

With information from LGI

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