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Flamengo’s Financial Troubles

By Jayme Monsanto, Contributing Reporter

Flamengo Coach Cuca and striker Josiel at practice, Photo by AgênciaFla)
Flamengo Coach Cuca and striker Josiel at practice, Photo by AgênciaFla

RIO DE JANEIRO – Flamengo, one of the biggest Carioca soccer teams, is in the middle of a big money crisis. The players’ salaries have been delayed for two months now. Coincidence or not, the team hasn’t been playing very well lately, and the fans are accusing the players of not giving one hundred percent of their energy in the games by only thinking about money, calling them mercenaries.

After the hostile actions, coach Cuca had a meeting with leaders of fan associations, trying to control the situation. He convinced them to support the team through these troubled times, arguing that their attitude wasn’t helping the team at all.

Earlier this week, the directors promised paying the fees until Friday. Eventually, they have taken that back, announcing the money would be in the players’ bank accounts only by Monday.

Flamengo’s has been delaying the Basketball team’s salaries as well. In spite of that, recently the Basketball squad conquered the South American championship, being considered as heroes by Flamengo’s fanbase. They were pointed as examples that the soccer players should follow.

This Sunday, the Flamengo soccer team faces Vasco da Gama in the Maracanã stadium at 6PM, in one of soccer’s biggest rivalry cases. The players promised to put aside the present day financial condition and play with the competitive edge that is due in such classic match.

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