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Brazil tour operators ever more interested in Paraguay

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The tour for Brazilian travel agents occurs within the framework of “Expo Vacaciones,” promoted by SENATUR and held at the premises of the state secretariat, called “Turista Róga,” located in the Costanera area of Asunción, free of charge for all visitors and complying with health protocols in force.

The initiative aims to generate a business network and contacts between Paraguayan service providers and operators from the state of Paraná, Brazil.

SENATUR is developing a tour with Brazilian operators currently visiting several destinations and attractions in the country. (photo internet reproduction)

The first part of the tour began at the SENATUR regional office in Ciudad del Este, traveling to the town of Piribebuy for a first stop. The group visited one of the most representative sugar cane mills in the country, which also features several tourist activities.

The tour also included the city of San Bernardino and the first day ended at the Conmebol Football Museum.

The agenda included a visit to “Expo Vacaciones,” where the operators got to know in detail all of the country’s sites and tourist offers in its 17 departments; shopping malls and other attractions were also visited before returning to Ciudad del Este.

A few weeks ago, SENATUR presented the tourism promotion campaign “Paraguay, just for you” to tour operators and tourism agencies of the cities of Porto Alegre, São Miguel, Caxias do Sul and Santo Ângelo in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

This is a joint promotional effort between the National Secretariat of Tourism and the Paraguayan embassy in Brazil.

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