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Opinion: Lula da Silva and the São Paulo Forum, delivered into the arms of Xi Jinping

By Nitu Pérez Osuna*

As soon as the results of the presidential elections in Brazil were known, the President of China, Xi Jinping, congratulated Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party – PT, left) on his victory and assured him to be ready to work with the newly elected “for a stronger cooperation”.

The Chinese president also emphasized “the high importance he attaches to the development of ties with Brazil and ratified his willingness to join forces with Lula da Silva to raise the comprehensive strategic partnership to new levels”.

Undoubtedly, da Silva needs this “strategic partnership” to stay in power during the difficult years of a government that awaits him; because, unlike his first term, which he won with 61% of the votes, this time, Lula da Silva comes to power with only 1.8 points of advantage, weak and discredited.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and Brazilian President-elect Lula da Silva.
Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and Brazilian President-elect Lula da Silva. (Photo: internet reproduction)

The leftist union leader won the elections because he received the support of his former adversaries, including former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

On the other hand, the right-wing obtained a majority in Congress and governorships.

Da Silva will begin his term in office with a weakened international image and discredited for corruption. The new president was not declared innocent but was freed by merely procedural formalities.

The relationship between China and the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) is intense and growing.

The proof is the periodic meetings held by the São Paulo Forum (FSP) – whose executive secretary is Monica Valente, a member of the PT – with the Communist Party of China (CCP), which are periodically reported on the FSP website.

On the occasion of the XX Congress of the CCP last October, Monica Valente, in her capacity as executive secretary of the Forum, sent a letter to the Central Committee of the Chinese party expressing the satisfaction of the Latin American leftist organization for the reelection as general secretary of “Comrade Xi Jinping”.

The letter praised the work that “during this entire period at the head of the Chinese government, the CCP and Comrade Xi Jinping have done to improve the living conditions of its people, combating the extreme hunger and poverty that still afflict many people”.

In May of this year, I wrote in this same space a note entitled “The São Paulo Forum and the Chinese Communist Party deepen their partisan cooperation”.

In that month, the FSP began a “cycle of debates” with more than 15 countries and 70 participants on the direction of “relations between China and Latin America in the New Era”, where the Vice Minister of the International Department of the CCP Central Committee, Shen Beili, and Monica Valente, agreed on the need to strengthen ties in Latin America.

The proposal won endorsements, among others, “that of Roy Daza, director of the International Affairs Commission of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and representative of the Andean-Amazon region of the São Paulo Forum, who insisted on the need to strengthen a common bloc amid the acute contraction between humanity and the retrograde forces of imperialism and the wars affecting specific points of the planet”.

These bombastic words mean the clear intention of handing over the American continent to China to guarantee that the São Paulo Forum remains in power, acting as proconsul of the Chinese Communist Party in the region.

Lula da Silva, a founder of the São Paulo Forum, endorses and promotes this plan.

The Brazilian president-elect and the São Paulo Forum have already thrown themselves into the arms of Xi Jinping.

Next January, when da Silva takes office, this statement will become more evident.

* Venezuelan. A journalist by profession, communicator by trade, and activist for the best causes by vocation. She was a columnist, and radio and television host in her country of origin. Currently, she has established herself as a powerful ‘YouTuber’ in “El canal de Nitu” and “Plomovisión 24: horas de opinión”. She is an international organizational communication consultant.

She is a freedom fighter and a relentless researcher searching for the truth.

With information from Gaceta

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