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Venezuelan Foreign Minister denounces that the U.S. is using human rights as a pretext to impose its domination

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria denounced tonight that the United States government is using the issue of human rights to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs, accusing the North American country of not being interested in promoting fundamental rights.

In a series of messages on the social network Twitter, the high-ranking official said that Washington “continues to exploit human rights politically” and specified that “if the United States had a real interest in human rights, it would immediately lift its blockade against Venezuela.”

Miraflores palace, Caracas. (Photo internet reproduction)
Miraflores palace, Caracas. (Photo internet reproduction)

Faria was responding to remarks by the U.S. Under Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Brian Nichols praised the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry reports on Venezuela.

Nichols called these reports “an essential tool for accountability for human rights abuses” and stressed that the United States supports the independent mission “to highlight the human rights situation in Venezuela.”

The White House also called for the renewal of the independent mission’s mandate within the United Nations.

In contrast, the Venezuelan foreign minister called the report of the independent U.N. fact-finding mission “pamphletism” and denounced that it “conforms to the specific directives of an empire that acts in the interests of capital and domination.”

Faria also rejected the U.S. government’s policy of interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs and accused the White House of trying to renew the independent mission that would be “dedicated to promoting falsehoods” against his country.

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