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Paraguay triples corn exports

By Carmen Luisa Ugueto

According to the Foreign Trade report of the Paraguayan Chamber of Exporters and Traders of Grains and Oilseeds (Capeco), in the corn export period from July 2022 to April 2023, Paraguay tripled shipments of the product.

This confirms a record production of 6.4 million tonnes and yields never seen before as a national average.

, Paraguay triples corn exports
Unlike previous harvests, much of Paraguay’s production was destined for countries outside Mercosur (Photo internet reproduction)

The association explained that in the 2022 harvest, Paraguay tripled its volume of shipments since 4,607,317 tons of corn were shipped, that is, 3,081,392 tonnes more than in the 2021 harvest when 1,525,925 tonnes had been marketed.

In this regard, Sonia Tomassone, Foreign Trade advisor, said that, unlike previous harvests, much of the national production was destined for countries outside Mercosur, which allowed a great diversification of markets and provided important support to shipping companies and inland carriers due to the volume of cargo generated.

Regarding foreign currency income and considering the calendar year, she mentioned that the item allowed between January and April 2023 a foreign currency income of US$119 million, US$52 million more than in the first four months of 2022.

According to data from the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), exports doubled in volume in the same period.

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