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Paraguay denies negotiations with the United Kingdom on immigrants

The Government of Paraguay denied Thursday information spread by British media, according to which the United Kingdom has advanced in its negotiations with the South American country to take in illegal immigrants.

“The information disseminated by British media does not conform to the truth as far as Paraguay is concerned,” emphasizes a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The document clarifies that the British Government exposed the situation to the governments of several countries but that Paraguay has never negotiated such a sensitive issue as migration with Great Britain, despite having an open policy in this matter.

Paraguay denies negotiations with the United Kingdom on immigrants. (Photo internet reproduction)
Paraguay denies negotiations with the United Kingdom on immigrants. (Photo internet reproduction)

In this same sense, the head of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Paraguay, Hernán Huttemann, declared this Thursday that the nation appears in a list of 150 countries that received a note from the British Government in which the situation of immigrants is exposed.

He clarified, however, that in no way Paraguay has advanced in any negotiation and that it has not even talked about it with authorities of the United Kingdom.

“I have already spoken with the high authorities (Paraguayan) of the institutions involved in the migratory issue, and they assured me that none of them have initiated conversations with the European country”, he pointed out.

According to the English newspaper Daily Express, the UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is said to have declared to have advanced negotiations with Paraguay to send immigrants arriving to the English Channel.

“The Home Secretary reported that she is pushing for talks for other alternatives to Rwanda and that Paraguay is at an advanced stage”, refers to the part of the publication.

The report also mentions other countries of the American continent, such as Peru and Belize, in addition to an African country in negotiations.


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