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Ash from Ecuador’s Sangay volcano affected 1,824 hectares of crops

The ash expelled by the Sangay volcano, located in the Ecuadorian province of Morona Santiago (south-central), affected 1,824 hectares of crops in the area of Chimborazo (center), local press reported Sunday, Nov. 6.

“1,824 hectares of crops were affected by the volcanic material; the figure involves 3,803 producers,” Chimborazo governor Ivan Vinueza told El Universo newspaper.

The damage in Chimborazo was concentrated in the cantons (municipalities) of Chunchi, Alausí, Guamote, Colta, Riobamba, Guano, and Chambo.

Ash from Ecuador's Sangay volcano affected 1,824 hectares of crops. (Photo internet reproductions)
Ash from Ecuador’s Sangay volcano affected 1,824 hectares of crops. (Photo internet reproductions)

According to the source, in some places, the ash layer was between 3 and 4 millimeters after the ash cloud from Sangay.

So far, 3,803 farmers and 6,995 cattle ranchers have been affected, with preliminary damage to 23,533 cattle.

“There are many greenhouses that are covered with ash, and the weight can cause the structures to collapse, in addition to the effects on corn, onion, potato, and pasture crops,” Vinueza told the Ecuadorian newspaper.

He indicated that given the damage, an emergency could be declared for the sector to channel resources from the central government.

Damage to the poultry and pork sectors was also reported.

The Geophysical Institute (IG) of Ecuador warned on Friday of the possible effects of moderate to heavy ash fall in Chimborazo. At the same time, it was expected to be mild to moderate for Bolivar, Cañar, Los Rios, Azuay, and Guayas.

In its report issued this Sunday, the Geophysical Institute informed that through satellite surveillance, ash emission was observed between 900 and 2,100 meters above crater level in northwest and west directions, respectively.

As reported by the National Risk Management Service, this phenomenon has been persistent since May 2019, within the current eruptive period of Sangay, located 5,230 meters above sea level.

The statement warns the population to take the necessary measures and to be informed by official sources.


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