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Russian Foreign Minister strengthens ties with Nicaragua

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met this Wednesday in Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega in a meeting that is part of the Russian’s visit to several Latin American countries this week.

After landing in Nicaragua, Lavrov met with his counterpart in the country, Minister Denis Moncada, whom he described as a “partner and friend,” and invited to visit Russia, as he has already done with the ministers of Brazil and Venezuela during his visit to these countries in the previous days.

During this press conference, they also discussed the twinning between the Nicaraguan city of Granada and the Russian city of Yalta as a symbol of these strengthened relations.

, Russian Foreign Minister strengthens ties with Nicaragua
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov (Photo internet reproduction)

He recalled that Russia plans to organize an inter-parliamentary conference between Latin America and Russia, which Nicaragua has confirmed attendance and participation.

Later, Lavrov held a meeting with the Nicaraguan president, which the latter took advantage of to criticize the US sanctions on his country.

“We already have hundreds of fellow officials sanctioned, but this does not cause fear or concern to the sanctioned comrades”.

In response, in declarations reported by the Nicaraguan newspaper ‘La Prensa’, Lavrov affirmed that “Russia thinks that this (sanctions) is a recognition of the advances in the protection of the interests of the people”.

Lavrov’s next stop on his Latin American tour is in Cuba, where he traveled from Wednesday night to Thursday and from where he will return to Russia this Friday.

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