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Police action in Brazil’s Paraná state’s capital Curitiba with eight dead

A police operation in the early morning in Curitiba left eight dead. According to the Military Police (PM), the dead were members of a criminal group operating in the state who fired at the officers as they approached them.

In a statement, the Military Police said it received a report that criminals were planning to kill a former organization member.

After learning the make and characteristics of a vehicle stolen by the group, officers from the Rondas Ostensivas de Natureza Especial (Rone) began searching for the vehicle in two neighborhoods of the state capital, Caximba, and Cajuru.

Police action in Brazil's Paraná state's capital Curitiba with eight dead. (Photo internet reproduction)
Police action in Brazil’s Paraná state’s capital Curitiba with eight dead. (Photo internet reproduction)

In Caximba, the occupants of a car similar to the one sought by the police tried to escape from the police and engaged in a chase. According to the deputy, the two men who were in the car began shooting at the police officers when the vehicle reached them.

Almost at the same time, military police said they discovered a second stolen vehicle parked in front of a residential building in the Cajuru district.

According to the company, Rone agents were met with gunfire as they approached the location and responded. Six men who police officers shot died on the spot.

The identities of the dead were not disclosed.

Military police said that a total of three pistols, five revolvers, drugs, and two bulletproof vests were seized in the two incidents, and two vehicles were also recovered, which were tendered for theft or robbery.

No police officer was injured during the operation.

With information from Agencia Brasil

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