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The corruption no one talks about: the Biden family received millions of dollars from Chinese state-owned companies

These days the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is leading a brutal political persecution against former President Donald Trump, and the media is rigorously analyzing all the money that went in and out of his companies in recent years.

Meanwhile, the media is completely silent after last Tuesday’s revelation.

A Congressional investigative committee revealed a vast corruption scheme between the Biden family, the Chinese Communist Party, and the current US president’s business partners.

Last Tuesday, March 14, the chairman of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, Republican Congressman James Comer, revealed through the publication of a series of documents that Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and his brother, James Biden, received the sum of US$4.8 million from the Chinese company “CEFC China Energy” between 2017 and 2018.

Hunter Biden‘s legal team claims that this is merely the action of individual citizens with the right to pursue “personal business”; this money is simply their commission for securing investment for a company they worked with as advisors.

But this doesn’t add up anywhere.

In the first place, this money was received in several amounts carefully valued below what control agencies usually review.

There is no explanation why a commission of this nature would be paid in several transfers over several months.

In addition, compromising emails on Hunter Biden’s computer showed that the money was a reward for providing access to the Oval Office to several communist officials while Biden was Vice President.

These emails were legitimized repeatedly and are currently included as evidence in a federal FBI investigation.

But as if further confirmation were needed, Hunter Biden sued the repair shop where he left his computer this week.

This lawsuit alleging data theft and invasion of privacy only confirms the information. It will not stand up, as the repair shop owner had Hunter sign a contract that said if he did not pick up the repaired computer in 6 months, it would be taken over by the shop, and that is precisely what happened.

Among the emails and an investigation by the congressional committee, a transaction was found in March 2017, where the company “State Energy HK Limited”, associated with the Chinese Communist Party and a subsidiary of the “CEFC China Energy”, made a transfer for US$3 million to a company of Rob Walker, one of the most important business partners of the Biden family.

Rob Walker did not keep this money but transferred it to several recipients, leaving him with a balance of US$869,308 for this operation.

The former Clinton administration official, whose wife was Jill Biden’s assistant, is widely considered Biden’s frontman for his business dealings with China.

Through the bank accounts of his companies “Owasco PC and RSTP II LLC” and “First Cleaning LLC”, Hunter Biden received between March and April 2017 six wire transfers from Robinson Walker LLC for varying amounts between US$10,692 to US$300,000.

Accordingly, between April and May 2017, James Biden received five wire transfers with payments dating from figures between US$15,000 and US$125,000 through his company JBBSR INC. by Walker.

The following day, the same company wired an amount equivalent to US$1,065,000 to a company belonging to another Biden family associate by the name of James Gilliar, a former British special forces officer with close ties to the British intelligence services and considered to be another front man for the US president.

In the published documents, and as could be corroborated in the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Gilliar was “holding 10% for the Big Man” through his company in Abu Dhabi, “European Energy and Infrastructure Group (EEIG)”.

In the context of the email, all indications are that the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden himself.

, The corruption no one talks about: the Biden family received millions of dollars from Chinese state-owned companies
Former British special forces officer, James Gilliar, is one of the Biden family’s associates and, through his company, received the sum of just over US$1 million from China (Photo internet reproduction)


Another striking operation emerged from a review of James Biden’s bank accounts.

According to his own words, the president’s brother worked with Hill Stone International, a subsidiary of US construction company Hill International, which recently testified in court that James Biden used his influence as the vice president’s brother (at the time) to enable the company’s business dealings in Saudi Arabia.

Former Treasury Department official Thomas Sullivan, who served as a private detective in this case, testified that James Biden intervened on behalf of Hill International because of the competitive advantage his last name represented.

Even in 2012, he used his influence as the brother of the United States vice president in a meeting held with Saudi officials to get their money.

A spokesperson for the Oversight Committee noted via Fox News that they are investigating the source of the Biden family’s wealth through influence peddling and concerns that President Biden may be compromised by his family’s business relationships with US adversaries internationally.

Another name that appears on the payroll of bank transfers made by Rob Walker is that of the ex-wife of Beau Biden (President Biden’s late son and former attorney general of the state of Delaware), Hallie Biden, who, according to the committee’s investigations, received two separate payments in March 2017 totaling the sum of US$25,000.

After Beau passed away in 2015 due to a brain tumor, his widow, Hallie, had a relationship with the infamous Hunter Biden, who would be the main link to this criminal network.

At the same time, the memorandum presented by the committee details two transactions involving transfers of US$5,000 and US$25,000 made by Rob Walker’s company to a beneficiary only referred to as “Biden”, which many speculate to be Joe Biden himself.

During the week, the Treasury Department notified James Comer that they would give the committee access to video records of suspicious activity reports (SARs) related to Hunter Biden and his family, something the legislator has requested for months.

In turn, the committee leader said they would continue to use documentary evidence, banking information, and SARs to determine if President Biden’s duties are compromised and if there is any risk to national security.

In line with his remarks, Comer remarked that if the Treasury continues to obstruct the investigation against Biden, he will use every tool at his disposal to ensure that they cooperate with the investigation.

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