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DeSantis on Trump’s expected arrest: “Soros prosecutors are a threat to society”

Trump’s credible announcement that he would be arrested this week on the orders of a New York district attorney (supposedly today, Tuesday, but more likely some other day this week) has raised crucial questions in the United States about the continuation of the rule of law and the use of progressive judges to crack down on regime opponents.

But among those who already have their sights set on the 2024 presidential elections, another question of interest also floated.

Why is Ron DeSantis not saying anything?

, DeSantis on Trump’s expected arrest: “Soros prosecutors are a threat to society”
Former US President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2020 (Photo internet reproduction)

On paper, what a state governor thinks about a judicial action should not be the most relevant thing in the world, but in practice, everyone knew that DeSantis was facing a devilish dilemma.

Since Trump announced his intention to run in the Republican primary to become the party’s nominee for next year’s presidential election, he has done nothing, outside of the obligatory attacks on the Democratic administration, but fire thick ammunition at the Florida governor.

The New Yorker sees his most dangerous rival in the primaries in DeSantis, so his barrages have been most vicious in the American sense of the term.

Low blows, insinuations, mockery, and half-truths. Trump has a punch, that’s for sure.

But the curious thing about the case is that DeSantis has not run.

The Florida governor, who once needed Trump’s support to get into office, can quietly flaunt his power, not with promises, but with reality.

His victorious and strenuous battle against Washington – on pandemic restrictions, vaccines, Disney or school wokeism, gender theory, illegal immigration, and Critical Race Theory – earned him in the last midterm elections to become the Republican with the most overwhelming victory over his Democratic rivals, proving that he is no longer merely a former protégé of Big Donald.

DeSantis’ response to Trump’s barrage of disqualifications has been a dignified silence, much to the despair of the former president’s team.

He doesn’t have to respond; he just has to govern Florida.

But now, with the announcement of Trump’s arrest by order of the Democratic district attorney of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, accusing him of embezzling campaign funds to buy the silence of a porn actress with whom he allegedly had an affair, comes the dilemma.

On the one hand, to remain silent in the face of such an obvious instrumentalization of justice to prevent Trump from running again, the governor cannot maintain his silence.

On the other, launching into an unconditional and lackey defense of Trump would put him through the humiliation of coming out to support the one dragging his name through the mud daily.

In the end, he spoke and did it with skill.

He has insisted much more on the indecently partisan action of the prosecutor and the risk to the rule of law than on the alleged crime committed by Trump).

“You’ve heard a rumor storm,” DeSantis declared.

“I haven’t seen any facts yet, so I don’t know what will happen.”

“But I do know this: I know that Soros funds the Manhattan DA.”

“And that, like other Soros-funded prosecutors, he instrumentalizes his office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety.”

Soros prosecutors are no joke.

The billionaire funds the campaigns of these magistrates, who are dedicated to minimizing the charges brought against the most violent criminals.

And, curiously, their role is to present crimes as misdemeanors, when in Trump’s case, they have done the opposite: to elevate what, in the best of cases, would be a misdemeanor to the level of a crime.

DeSantis denounced this in his statement:

“He has reduced more than 50% of crimes to mere misdemeanors. He says he intends that most offenders will not have to spend a day in jail. And we have seen how the crime rate has skyrocketed in Manhattan and how insecurity among citizens is growing.”

“Soros prosecutors are a menace to society, and I’m glad to be the only governor in the country actually to remove one of them during my term in office,” he said.

DeSantis also said his office will not get involved in a “manufactured crisis” by the Soros DA.

“We will not get involved in this,” he added.

“I have no interest in getting involved in some kind of manufactured circus by some Soros DA…He’s trying to make a political show. He’s trying to posture for his base. I have real problems to deal with here in Florida.”

And a bit of venom for his rival:

“I don’t know what’s involved in paying money to a porn star to ensure silence about some kind of alleged affair,” he added.

“I just can’t speak to that, but what I can speak to is that if you have a prosecutor who ignores the crimes that occur every day in his jurisdiction, and chooses to reduce the charges on many of them, to prosecute an old case of payments to buy the silence of porn stars, well, that’s a clear case of political use and instrumentalization of the office.”

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