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Dozens of doctors from around the world call for immediate halt to vaccinations

More than 40 doctors call for an immediate halt to Covid vaccinations in a video. “The only thing they’re good for is Big Pharma’s wallet. They are dangerous,” says internist Bruce Boros, who has been in the profession for 41 years.

According to Pierre Kory, a physician, some 200 deaths have already been reported within three weeks of the launch.

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We should have pulled the emergency brake at that moment. After that, it became a bloodbath. This is a historic humanitarian disaster, Kory says.

“The whole thing is based on lies,” says Canadian physician Chris Shoemaker.

“They keep repeating the big lie, and we as a society are being screwed by it. They are damaging the immune system. That’s why we have to shout back. We no longer accept this lie. The administrators, the bureaucrats don’t care.”

Kory adds that people are dropping dead on beaches in Italy and children are dying while swimming in the United Kingdom.

“Never before have so many young people died as now. It’s because of vaccines,” he says. “We have to keep fighting.”

“They are unsafe and toxic,” says physician Ben Marble.

Dr. Grams stresses that they are not a vaccine, but an experimental gene therapy. “They can lead to disability, death and infertility,” she says.

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