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Ron DeSantis seeks to prevent companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party from buying properties in Florida

The Republican administration wants to prohibit China from buying fields and factories in Florida, thus preventing the penetration of the Communist Party in the state.

According to a Florida’s Voice report, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is preparing a bill to ban Chinese companies linked to Xi Jinping’s Communist Party from acquiring property and setting up shop in the state of Florida.

In this way, it seeks to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from entering the state of Florida through the indiscriminate purchase of land, a practice that it is carrying out in other states.

DeSantis, Ron DeSantis seeks to prevent companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party from buying properties in Florida
Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo internet reproduction)

The governor also wants legislation proposed for the first legislative session of 2023 that would prohibit government entities from entering into contracts with companies linked to the Chinese regime.

DeSantis is not the first to promote measures with this objective. Governor Kristi Noem of the state of South Dakota announced in December the creation of the “Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States – South Dakota” (“CFIUS-SD”), which would have the power to reject any foreign investor who wants to buy land in the state.

According to the Republican governor, China had begun a massive purchase of fields in the state and was creating a monopoly that would respond directly to the interests of the Beijing-based Communist Party.

This is not the first package of measures that Ron DeSantis seeks to implement to curb the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in Florida. On September 22 of last year, at an event dubbed “Stop CCP,” DeSantis announced the signing of an executive order to ban ties between the Florida government (and all of its private contractors) and the CCP.

The governor signed an executive order in September to prevent Floridians’ private information from getting into the hands of regimes like the Communist Party of China. In the executive order, DeSantis prohibited state government entities from purchasing technology products and services from companies owned and controlled by China, and other countries such as Iran, Russia and Cuba.

He has also banned government employees from installing the Tik Tok app on their official phones, following a Senate report revealing how ByteDance’s video platform has malicious code that steals private data and sends it to servers in China.

With information from La Derecha Diario

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