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Critics say, this is the real reason why flights have been shut down worldwide

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A report on ‘Real America’s Voice’ says, allowing pilots who were vaccinated with experimental, unapproved vaccines (mRNA covid injections), and without a one-year waiting period, to fly was in violation of FAA regulations.

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Now the airlines are being sued and will have to offer medical testing for all pilots. If this goes through, every vaccinated pilot will basically have to be grounded now, the report says.

A pilot speaks out about his Covid jab injury, says other pilots were forced to shut up and fly with chest and head pains.

Critics say there will be a huge demand for unvaccinated pilots in 2022. Given the side effects and the legally illegal pressure to be vaccinated to keep their jobs, all vaccinated pilots will soon face a medical ban from flying as their medical certificate is revoked.

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