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Covid shots: birth rates have dropped alarmingly in these 13 European countries

Nine months after the introduction of Covid vaccinations, birth rates in 13 European countries, England and Wales, Australia, and Taiwan have declined alarmingly, research by physician Robert Chandler shows.

Switzerland has seen the steepest decline in 150 years, Chandler said. Birth rates are falling faster than during the two world wars and the Great Depression.

In the three quarters of 2022, the birth rate in Germany fell by 8.3 percent. By June 2022, the birth rate in England and Wales had fallen by 12 percent.

After that, the government stopped publishing the data.

Significantly fewer babies are also being born in Taiwan, but the data are incomplete. Between October and November 2021, Australia’s birth rate drops 21 percent, and from November to December 2021, it drops 63 percent.

Last August 25, the Swiss-based Hagemann Group published a study on Europe’s alarming decline in birth rates. The group believes the fall can be linked to Corona vaccinations.

Chandler also shows that Pfizer knew the vaccines were harming fertility. Nevertheless, they continued. Eighty percent of the babies they were tracking died, said journalist Naomi Wolf in Bannon’s War Room.

Europeans are dying off.. (Photo internet reproduction)
Europeans are dying off.. (Photo internet reproduction)

And now we’re seeing birth rates in Western Europe fall nine months after the vaccines were introduced. “They are killing off Western Europe.”

The 13 countries in Europe include Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Estonia, and Romania.


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