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BioNTech sued for Covid vaccine damages for the first time in Germany

For the first time, corona vaccine manufacturer Biontech (Pfizer Covid vaccine) has been sued for possible vaccine damage.

As reported by the KSA newspaper the Düsseldorf-based law firm Rogert & Ulbrich has been unable to reach an out-of-court settlement with BioNTech and has therefore filed six-figure lawsuits in several matters.

The background is the behavior of the manufacturer of the Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer), so the lawyers.

BioNTech sued for Covid vaccine damage for the first time in Germany. (Photo internet reproduction)
BioNTech sued for Covid vaccine damage for the first time in Germany. (Photo internet reproduction)

Concerning the claims for damages and information, BioNTech had in each case sent the impaired persons only a form instead of a reply letter dealing with the facts.

In this, the patients had been requested to communicate the basis of the claims formulated in writing on a Pfizer form.


According to the attorneys, this behavior is unusual and is judged by them to be disrespectful.

“The injured parties feel they are not being taken seriously. Significant, life-limiting health problems have plagued them since the vaccination.

His customers had previously described their tale of woe in detail to the EMA, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, or BioNTech.

“Particularly in cases involving significant damage to health, the least the victims could expect would be for the facts to be seriously addressed there.”


For attorney Tobias Ulbrich, a link between Covid vaccination and various diseases is a given.

“More and more vaccine injuries are coming to light worldwide, and many vaccinated people are only now beginning to realize that their current illnesses are related to the mRNA injections.”

In fact, Ulbrich has taken a stand on the issue several times before on Twitter – tweeting on Aug. 28, for example, that VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS) is not a disease, but a condition, since the measurements in the affected individuals confirmed impairment of the immune system after vaccination.

According to Ulbrich, the German Medicines Act stipulates that it is not the vaccinated person who must prove whether the vaccine damage is due to the vaccination.

The vaccine manufacturer is responsible for the damage.  The manufacturer would have to prove that there is no connection with the vaccination.

“It is all the more surprising that BioNTech did not immediately agree to a settlement in the few reported claims,” Ulbrich says.

The law firm Rogert & Ulbrich challenged the legality of the action at the height of the Covid event.

Among other things, the lawyers accused lawmakers of unlawfully quarantining travelers.

The law firm became known through the diesel emissions scandal at VW. At that time, the lawyers won many verdicts in favor of the plaintiffs.

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