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This is how vaccine induced V-Aids develops

Covid vaccines, This is how vaccine induced V-Aids develops

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Many studies are available that explain the many side effects of the Covid vaccines and point out the mistakes made during their development.

These studies again confirm the suspicion that the vaccines were developed hastily and probably in a mixture of political pressure and greed for profit of the pharmaceutical companies.

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Even worse, the vaccinations seem to cause a kind of autoimmune deficiency, which is in some ways comparable to the consequences of HIV or Aids.

Above all, the causes of heart muscle inflammation, pericarditis, neurological damage, and thrombosis can most plausibly be explained. The spike protein found in the coronavirus is also used in vaccines – and damages human cells through three mechanisms.

Spike protein. (Photo internet reproduction)
Spike protein. (Photo internet reproduction)

Here’s how vaccine damage occurs:

  • When the spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor, it causes the receptor to send signals that destroy mitochondria in the cell and end up killing the whole cell.
  • Vaccination induces tissue-damaging inflammation because the spike protein causes ACE2 to send signals to other cells that increase the amount of pro-inflammatory substances in the blood (see here and here).
  • Platelets clump together when the spike protein binds to their ACE2 (see study).


The spike protein consists of two subunits S1 and S2. S1 binds to ACE2; S2 enables fusion between the cell membrane and the viral envelope.

Because vaccine manufacturers mistakenly thought this would make the spike protein safer, the S2 subunit was altered so that it could not open and pierce cell membranes when linked to an ACE2 receptor.

However, this is incorrect because most of the damage is caused by the association of the S1 with the ACE2 receptor. Alone and exclusively, the S1, without the S2, causes the ACE2 receptor to trigger the cell signaling processes that lead to mitochondrial damage, the pro-inflammatory response, and blood clots.

So much for the “technical jargon”; vaccination makes the immune system susceptible – and thus may well develop Aids-like mechanisms of action.

Furthermore, the Wuhan virus spike protein is said to have been enriched with the HIV virus.

That the vaccines cross the blood-brain barrier in some people and cause brain hemorrhages has been demonstrated in several studies (see, for example, here and here).

Known since 2005: Covid vaccination as a trigger of autoimmune diseases
In a study in 2005, it was shown that the Sars-Cov1 vaccine focused on the spike protein leading to autoimmune diseases.

In the future, it will be challenging to conduct careful and thus lengthy research within the corona hysteria that continues to be stoked by many interested circles, which would be imperative to determine the efficacy of the vaccines.

It will be difficult to find out if the new vaccines, which also focus on the spike protein, will cause autoimmune diseases again because it will take time for them to develop.


Hasty approval of insufficiently developed vaccines has led to the death or severe damage to the health of countless people around the world.

We would have been spared many of the catastrophic economic, political, social, and psychological consequences of the Covid measures if those in power had set out from the beginning to shield the most vulnerable populations from Corona infection as best they could and to protect the rest of the people with minimal precautions.

This strategy would have included effective medicines instead of (experimental) vaccinations, i.e., targeted therapies in severe individual cases, instead of subjecting the entire human race to an unprecedented field trial with ineffective vaccines, which not only trigger dangerous side effects but also have not even begun to fulfill their actual purpose of adequate protection against infection.


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