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Harvard opens research center in Uruguay after closing headquarters in Argentina

Harvard University will open its Latin American Research Center in Uruguay during the first quarter of 2023, after resolving the transfer of the regional unit that was located in Argentina.

The offices will operate in Montevideo at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (Latu), an innovation and technology hub located in the Carrasco area.

The center’s executive director, María Fernanda Miguel, told El Observador that, although they have offices in Mexico City and São Paulo, the Montevideo office will operate as a regional operations center.

Montevideo. (Photo internet reproduction)
Montevideo. (Photo internet reproduction)

The objective will consist of academic research with Harvard Business School professors, networking activities, and agreements with local educational institutions.

According to the executive director, the institution is finalizing the legal and construction details of the location for the office opening in the first months of next year, although she did not commit to a specific date.

“We are in the last steps of the incorporation of the legal entity, which, we estimate, will be completed in the next six to eight weeks, at the most”, said Miguel.

According to El Observador, one of the reasons why the university decided to leave Buenos Aires as a regional center was the emigration of professionals in different research areas required.

The North American Newlab is already installed on the same premises as the Latu. In addition, by the end of the year, a Microsoft artificial intelligence laboratory is expected to be inaugurated, which will be the first of its kind to be installed by the company in Latin America.

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