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The virtual mayor-elect of Lima calls for the resignation of the Peruvian president

The virtual mayor-elect of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, has called on Peruvian President Pedro Castillo to resign.

According to the official counts, which reached 97.5% of polling stations, López Aliaga of the Renovación Popular party (right) would have been virtually elected mayor of the Peruvian capital after the Oct. 2 regional, provincial, and district elections.

López Aliaga said it was “structurally impossible” to seek dialogue with the head of state after accusing him of ” destroying” the country’s economy.

The right-wing politician has already advocated on numerous occasions for the resignation or removal of the president by Congress.

Conservative Opus Dei businessman Rafael Lopez Aliaga looks to have prevailed over a retired military officer accused of murdering a journalist to become Lima’s next mayor.

Lopez Aliaga, a hotel businessman who claims to practice celibacy and is known as “Porky,” a famous cartoon character.

Lopez Aliaga heads the conservative Popular Renovation party and is a staunch opponent of leftist President Pedro Castillo. The conservative politician ran for the presidency in 2021 and came third in those elections.


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