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The president of the Electoral Institute of Mexico affirms that AMLO’s reform “puts at risk” the elections of 2023

The president of the Mexican National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, has criticized this Saturday the electoral reform promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and approved by the Parliament and has assured that the changes “put at risk” the electoral processes of 2023 and 2024.

Córdova considers that the modifications to the secondary laws introduced by this proposal “threaten the good performance of the electoral body” since they could alter the “technical quality” of the elections and the “democratic governance”, reports ‘Infobae’.

“With the reform (…) the basis of professionalism, certainty and technical quality that today characterizes the organization of certain, transparent, reliable and legitimate elections is damaged”, he assured in an appearance.

Lorenzo Córdova. (Photo internet reproduction)
Lorenzo Córdova. (Photo internet reproduction)

“Indiscriminately eliminating professional service positions, merging structures with intense, diverse and sometimes overlapping work dynamics.”

“They are increasing the number of ballots that presiding officers will receive and reducing the time for the training of those who will integrate the polling stations are, among others, measures that clearly do not contribute to the certainty of the electoral processes”, he pointed out.

Likewise, he criticized the absence of consensus in the Chamber of Deputies, where the reform has been approved.

“The rules of the democratic game require by definition the greatest possible consensus to guarantee that the day after all contenders and political parties accept the results and verdict of the ballot boxes without argument.”

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