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With banners and slogans began the march of the left and sectors of Kirchnerism against the payment of the debt to the IMF

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – “The debt is with the people, not with the IMF”, reads the banner that heads the march that, at this time, is led by different leftist groups and sectors related to Kirchnerism against the renegotiation of the loan taken by Mauricio Macri with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The mobilization began around 10:30 in the Obelisk. Its final destination is the Ministry of Economics, where an act will be held after noon in front of Plaza de Mayo. Each sector will pronounce itself with its particular position.

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Under the slogans “First things First: Not ONE more dollar to the IMF!” and “Scams are not paid, neither this Friday nor ever”, this Thursday’s call takes place one day before the government of Alberto Fernández must face the first expiration of the year with the body led by Kristalina Georgieva. The amount to be paid is US$718 million as principal. Next Tuesday, meanwhile, he will have to make another payment for US$368 million to cancel interest on the loan.

“The debt is with the people, not with the IMF” (Photo internet reproduction)

“We call not to pay these ‘maturities’, to suspend payments now because not one more dollar should be subtracted from the needs of the Argentine people to pay what is not even our debt,” indicates a statement released this week by the so-called Autoconvocatoria for the Suspension of the Payment and Investigation of the Debt.

The paper is signed by “innumerable social and popular organizations, intellectual, cultural and political leaders in Argentina”, such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; the mother of Plaza de Mayo, Nora Cortiñas or the economist and current director of Banco Nación, Claudio Lozano, all linked to Kirchnerism.

One of the main political forces that adhered to the call, the Left-Unity Front, also spoke out against the payment of the debt since it considers that “it will go hand in hand with a strengthening of the adjustment against the people.”

In that sense, and detaching himself from several of those who marched with him, the Buenos Aires legislator Gabriel Solano pointed out: “No sector of the government, including Kirchnerism, has as a strategy a break with the Fund and the defense of a policy of genuine national autonomy.

Cristina Kirchner, in person, has endorsed the permanence of [Martín] Guzmán, who has been the key player in the agreements with the Monetary Fund”.

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