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Cyclone Freddy’s return to Mozambique claimed 21 lives

The second passage of Cyclone Freddy through Mozambique since Friday has caused 21 deaths in the central province of Zambezia, according to a new preliminary assessment presented today by the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD).

The numbers may rise as the damage survey is underway.

The province was the most affected in Mozambique, counting since Friday 13,442 families affected, or about 65,500 people, in addition to thousands of self-built houses damaged or destroyed.

The central province of Zambezia was the most affected (Photo internet reproduction)

According to the authorities, the priority now is to help the survivors, who have complained of a lack of water, food, and hygiene conditions in the shelters, which are too few for many families.

Since the first passage of the cyclone 18 days ago, 65 shelters have been opened, many in schools, sheltering 41,300 people in different parts of the country, according to data from INGD.

In the same period, 49,000 hectares of crops were destroyed, many of which were the primary source of food for families – along with the food stored in homes that were lost – and there are fears of worsening food insecurity.

In the first passage of the storm on February 24, 10 deaths had already been recorded in Mozambique.

On its return to the mainland, the cyclone was especially merciless with Malawi, where nearly 200 people have already died due to heavy rain and landslides.

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