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Uber Announces Loyalty Program for Brazilian Users

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Uber announced on Wednesday, August 28th, a loyalty program for the platform‘s users in Brazil. Now it will be possible to collect points and exchange them for discounts or obtain benefits in rides.

The new feature, named “Uber Rewards”, will initially be available for ride users in the following cities: Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal, Brasília, Goiânia, Vitória, Santos, São José dos Campos, and Florianópolis.

Points are accrued according to the amount of payments in the Uber App and the Uber Eats food delivery service. Each Real spent in the UberX, Uber Together and Uber Eats categories is worth one point. In Uber Select and Uber Black premium services, there are two points for every Real paid.

Uber’s new product consists of the collection of points according to the amount spent on the App. (Photo Internet Reproduction)

There is also a category system, based on the number of points collected:

Blue: entry level
Gold: Over 400 points
Platinum: From 1,500 points
Diamond: Over 4,000 points

According to Uber, the program accounts for spending in the six months prior to the user joining the points system. This means that when joining the program, a user may already fall into the higher categories.

Among the Uber program’s benefits is the option of choosing between a ten percent discount over three days on Uber or a twenty percent discount on an Uber Eats order, for all levels, out of every 500 collected points.


Above the gold level, users gain access to VIP drivers and priority service in Uber support.

On the platinum level, setting a favorite route will be available — a departure address and an arrival address — which will not undergo fee fluctuations. Users also earn priority at airports and free delivery every six months.

In the Diamond category, in addition to the advantages offered by other levels, Uber provides a “surprise upgrade”: for instance, users may ride on Uber Select or Uber Black for the UberX price. Users are also entitled to three free Uber Eats deliveries every six months.

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