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Brazil: gross banana production to grow 51% in 2022

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Should MAPA’s figures materialize, Goiás would rise from 12th to 7th position in the Brazilian ranking of the highest GVP of the fruit among the states and the Federal District.

Concurrently, an increase in the Gross Value Added (GVA) of agriculture is expected, with emphasis on corn, sugar cane, tomato, cotton, Arabica coffee, potato, cassava, wheat and grapes.

According to MAPA, banana production should stand out this year, with a 51.7% increase in GVP. (photo internet reproduction)

With respect to banana production in Goiás, it is expected to record a 51.7% increase in GVA in 2022. “This is excellent news and in line with the Goiás Government’s efforts to encourage fruit production in the state,” said State Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Tiago Mendonça.

“A higher return encourages producers to invest, and we know that there is much room for fruit production in Goiás,” he added. Still in the segment, MAPA’s survey also projects an increase in the grape crop’s GVP (+12.1%).

According to MAPA’s estimate, Goiás’ share in Brazilian GPV should reach 8.5%, thereby maintaining the state’s GPV in the 6th position among the federal states.

Finally, considering other products assessed by the Ministry, Goiás highlights are cattle (estimated growth of 2.4% in GVA over 2021), corn (+6.3%), sugarcane (+14.9%), tomato (+29.7%), cotton (+37.9%), Arabica coffee (+51.8%), potato (+68.3%), cassava (+9.9%), wheat (+4.0%) and beans (+0.08%).

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