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São Paulo street Carnival 2023 attracted 15 million

The São Paulo City Hall balance showed that 15 million people participated in the city’s street Carnival in 2023.

The survey, by the Municipal Secretariat of Culture, took into account the 462 parades of blocks in the city of São Paulo, which occurred during 13 days of revelry in February.

According to the City Hall, tourists spent 17 times more money than São Paulo residents (Photo internet reproduction)

According to São Paulo’s Tourism and Events Observatory:

  • 82.1% of the participants were residents of the capital,
  • followed by residents in the Greater São Paulo area (9.1%);
  • São Paulo’s interior (4%);
  • other states, mainly Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, and Minas Gerais (4.2%);
  • and foreigners (0.5%).

“More important than the total number of visitors, which was expressive, is the recognition of the quality of the event by the public,” said Gustavo Pires, president of São Paulo Turismo, the city’s official tourism and events company.

“It was the Carnival postponed for two years because of the pandemic, with heavy rain on some days and, even so, the population went to the streets, and the city received tourists,” he added.

With information from Agência Brasil

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