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Covid-19: Brazil’s São Paulo coast will celebrate New Year’s Eve without obstacles and with free beaches

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Unlike in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, tourists who want to spend New Year’s Eve on the São Paulo coast will not encounter obstacles this year.

The nine cities of the so-called ‘Baixada Santista’, having as their center the port city of Santos, have already decided that visitors’ access will no longer be controlled because of Covid-19, nor will they be asked for a vaccination card once vaccination has taken place.

The same decision has already been taken by São Sebastião, one of the four cities on the state’s North Coast. Ilhabela, Ubatuba, and Caraguatatuba are still considering what they will do.

The São Paulo coast will surprise many people with its beauty and diversity.
São Paulo’s coast will surprise many with its beauty and diversity. When you think of São Paulo, think of a place that has “everything”.

On the south coast, the release of the beaches was approved by the Development Council of the Metropolitan Region of Baixada Santista (Condesb) at a meeting on Tuesday. According to the mayor of Santos, Rogério Santos (PSDB), who chairs the council, sanitary barriers are no longer needed at this stage of the pandemic.

“We must keep an eye on the future and see if the epidemiological context will not change. The decision may vary if the pandemic worsens.”


No agreement has yet been reached on fireworks on New Year’s Eve, which attracts many tourists. The administrations of Santos, São Vicente, Guarujá, and Bertioga have already announced that there will be no fireworks on New Year’s Eve. One of the objectives is to reduce crowds. “We know that many people come for the fireworks, and that would lead to overcrowding,” Santos said.

Praia Grande’s city hall also decided Wednesday to stop setting off fireworks. Cubatão and Peruíbe, on the other hand, foresee pyrotechnic shows. The Secretary of Tourism of Peruíbe, Edilson Almeida, said that they are applying for the event. “The event will not take place only if other areas, such as government decisions, prevent it.”


On the North Coast, the parties’ program has not yet been entirely determined. In São Sebastião, New Year’s Eve will be celebrated with fireworks, but without mega-events. “In the summer season, we will only offer events with local performers,” said Mayor Felipe Augusto (PSDB).

In a note, Caraguatatuba says it should have a definition about the parties after the All Souls Day holiday November 2. The beaches are already open to tourists without restrictions.

After Ilhabela was the most restricted destination on the coast last summer, due to strict control of access for ferries, the city has already resumed its nautical and sports events.

To determine the New Year’s Eve party, a meeting will be held after the early November holidays. Ubatuba explained that they are waiting for the state government to determine the vacations at the end of the year. The beaches are accessible for tourists.

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