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Top five most in-demand DevOps certifications of 2023

The high demand for DevOps engineers’ skills results in highly competitive pay for this profession. However, you must possess the required knowledge and abilities to get a DevOps position.

Your path to a fulfilling DevOps profession may be paved with the help of DevOps certifications and training courses. Regardless of your experience, these solutions may assist you in learning and demonstrating DevOps skills.

There are several options for DevOps certifications, as well as readily available training courses. However, you must first determine which credentials you will need in 2023.

, Top five most in-demand DevOps certifications of 2023

The Importance of DevOps Certification

A recognized certificate, DevOps certification displays the specialized competitive abilities and subject knowledge needed to be among successful DevOps engineers.

They are obtained via tests, training programs, or performance evaluations as evidence that the applicant meets high criteria.

Earning a certification boosts the likelihood of landing a decent job since DevOps positions are frequently listed among the best-paid ones in terms of compensation.

The qualification also equips you to collaborate with cross-functional team members such as business analysts, developers, and quality assurance testers.


Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program assures that CKAs are capable and qualified to perform the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators.

This certification is open to Kubernetes administrators, cloud administrators, and other IT professionals that manage Kubernetes instances.

In addition to conducting basic installs, a competent K8s administrator will demonstrate their skill in setting up and managing Kubernetes clusters suitable for production use.

They will be able to develop straightforward use cases for end users and comprehend crucial concepts like Kubernetes networking, storage, security, upkeep, logging, monitoring, application lifecycle, troubleshooting, and primitive API object classes.

Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Experts and professionals worldwide hold it in the highest regard as one of the Best DevOps Certifications. Intending to advance your career, this certification assesses your DevOps expertise.

The ability to build CD and CI systems on AWS, automate security measures, verify compliance, control and monitor AWS activities, install metrics and log in are just a few of the skills that have been validated.

Docker Certified Associate

Your skills as a seasoned Docker practitioner are enhanced by earning the Docker Certified Associate certification, recognized throughout the container industry.

You will be equipped to understand Docker and its function in the DevOps lifecycle, generate images, swarms, containers, volumes, and networks, explain Docker security client bundles, and do much more after earning your Docker Associate Certification.

For the Docker Certified Associate certification, software developers, technical leads, software engineers, system administrators, and even new graduates can easily apply.

Puppet is a process automation tool that DevOps experts with the Puppet Certified Professional credential use to deliver infrastructure changes and produce better software quickly.

The system management tool puppet software can automate and manage server configuration.

Puppet Certified Professional

The Puppet Certified Professional exam assesses both your technical knowledge and practical experience; thus, passing it verifies your ability to utilize Puppet IT automation tools.

You’ll be required to comprehend and apply ideas linked to categorization tactics, debugging Puppet code, module creation, orchestration, task management, environments, administration, language, and concepts.

Terraform Associate Certification from HashiCorp

Cloud engineers focusing on operations, information technology, or development who are acquainted with the essential concepts and skills linked to open-source HashiCorp Terraform are the target audience for the Terraform Associate certification.

Although passing the exam by completing the test objectives in a personal demo setting can be acceptable, candidates who have previously used Terraform in a production context will be most prepared for this exam.


Given their number, getting all of the DevOps certifications available may not be possible. But you may choose which credentials suit your working condition or ambitions based on your specialty or job needs.

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