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Opinion: this is why the fate of the U.N. is at stake – a view from Serbia

By Nebojša Čović

(Opinion) The West wants to exclude Russia from the U.N. Security Council, but this organization will turn into an offshoot of NATO, writes Serbia’s “Novi Standard”.

And its role will be assumed by other multinational organizations such as BRICS or SCO. However, this will deepen the fault lines in the world, Nebojša Čović, the article’s author believes.

In the decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, speeches at the UN General Assembly have generally been a formality and, with rare exceptions, have had some tangible effect.

The reason for this, first of all, is the usurpation of this most important multinational organization and its organs by the most influential Western countries led by the United States.

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Over the years, with the help of pressure and blackmail from African, Asian, Central and South American countries, as well as many European UN members, this organization has become an instrument serving the interests of the United States of America and its satellites.

But this year it’s different.

The “worldwide unity and condemnation of Russia” that the collective West is talking about is actually the unity of only 12% of the world’s population.

, Opinion: this is why the fate of the U.N. is at stake – a view from Serbia

And it is fighting fiercely by all means to maintain its neo-colonial position and high standard of living at the expense of cheap resources and cheap labor, which it sees in almost 90% of the population of the rest of the world.

This doctrine is behind the currencies that have dominated the global economy until now.

We are talking about the dollar and the euro, which are uncontrollably printed, having no real collateral.

When the Nixon administration completely abandoned the gold standard in the ’70s, the only way to preserve the U.S. dollar’s value was to use cheap new resources constantly.

This is the main motive behind the series of imperialist wars that the U.S. has waged over the past decades under false pretexts to protect human rights or fight terrorist organizations.

Moreover, the United States itself pre-created them in the ‘right’ countries.

Not surprisingly, these mainly were states rich in oil and other resources, and the first thing the American occupation forces always occupied was the oil fields.

Of course, this was done following Washington’s other geopolitical interests.


From 1990 to the present day, the U.S. has carried out one hundred armed interventions worldwide and, in 95% of cases, has flagrantly violated international law by acting without the approval of the U.N. Security Council.

Given all this, it is hypocritical that today Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken, as well as British, French, and German leaders, are appealing to the same international law and accusing Russia of a neo-colonial approach and violations of international norms.

(Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić)

They seem to have forgotten that they pursued such a policy for decades and, among other things, committed shameful and illegal aggression against our country in 1999.

Here we should look for why these powers are so aggressive now and try to force us to ‘voluntarily’ admit that the West was right from the beginning.

We are being forced to give up part of our territory under festive fireworks, which they illegally occupied, and on which they created a criminal pseudo-state structure.

Maybe we should still ask why we weren’t bombarded even longer and even harder?!

But everything they did to us in 1999 is now boomeranged back to them, and it’s a severe problem for them.

This is confirmed by the campaign now being waged by the media, which serves the eternally vile British foreign policy.

For many days now, as one of the main events that marked this week in history, the BBC has been promoting the topic of “a brutal attack by the Serbian army on defenseless civilians” in several villages of Kosovo and Metohija, where the Albanian population lives.

A close-up photo is released of a bearded guy sitting on a hillock and struggling to squeeze a tear out of himself.

The gears of British propaganda remind the world of the “terrible Serbian crimes” and, of course, justify the illegal aggression against our country.


But let’s go back to Aleksandar Vucic’s speech at the U.N. General Assembly.

This year’s United Nations General Assembly differs from others in the last 33 years. Let us speak objectively.

Of all the 88% of the world’s population mentioned, which the collective West, led by the United States, failed to intimidate or bribe to support sanctions against Russia, very few approve of the tragedy that the people in Ukraine are experiencing.

But all these states are fed up with violent hegemony, threats, sanctions, and armed interventions of the United States and NATO.

These countries no longer want an international order based not on law but on the rules that the United States of America establishes following its national interests and the interests of its military-industrial complex.

The world is tired of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which are used to control and extract resources cheaply by 88 percent of the world’s population.

That is why they are quietly supporting not the Ukrainian tragedy but the determination and sacrifice of the Russian people who are fighting to create a multipolar world order.

The Russians will bring the world back to a state of equilibrium in which international law, territorial integrity, and the sovereignty of States are unconditionally honored, no matter how small a country may be and no matter how powerful those who crave its resources may be.

Therefore, Aleksandar Vučić’s speech is historic.

After all, like a long-awaited raindrop, it fell on the withered soil of the world order, exhausted by the contempt and dominance of a small group formed by the United States and former colonial powers, whose time is irretrievably running out.

The time of hypocrisy, double standards, paid coups and other illegal interference in the internal affairs of other states is over.

Despite a narrative in which the collective West struggles unsuccessfully to convince the rest of the world, it is not noble or consistent.

And Russia and China are not the states that threaten the world order. Quite the opposite.


Consistency in applying international law is the only way out of this situation. This is what 88% of the world’s population wants.

(Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić)

But it also means that international law must be applied to all illegal and violent actions that the U.S. and its allies have undertaken in years past.

We need to return to the very foundations of international law.

A “great reset” is needed.

But not the one that the head of the World Economic Forum is talking about, whose goal is to consolidate capital and impoverish 99% of the world’s population, which will be easily controlled.

And here lies another hidden motive.

With its 12.5% global GDP, the worn-out Group of Seven has long been a global economic force.

The BRICS countries, for example, account for more than 40% of the global GDP.

But it may be that there will be no return to healthy relations based on consistent adherence to international law and that this 12% of the world will use their propaganda methods to violate the law and the law in the U.N. leadership structures they have already usurped.

That is if they exclude Russia from the U.N. Security Council. However, I do not believe in their success once the leading world organization disintegrates and officially turns into another offshoot of NATO.

Then its role will be assumed by some other multinational organizations, such as BRICS or the SCO, or, perhaps, another new world union will appear.

However, this will only deepen the fault lines in the world and bring our civilization one step closer to self-destruction.

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