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“We will win,” Bolsonaro says after 40 days of silence

“Who decides my future are you. Who decides where the Armed Forces go are you,” said the president while speaking to supporters at the Alvorada

This Friday (Dec. 9), after 40 days of silence, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL, right) listened to supporters at the Alvorada Palace and gave a 16-minute speech.

In the speech, Bolsonaro said that the Armed Forces are united, complained about unfounded criticism, and guaranteed: “We will win within the four lines (respecting the Constitution).”

The president’s appearance comes on the same day that former President Lula da Silva announced the names of the first ministers.

(President Bolsonaro opened the gates of the Alvorada Palace and went to receive and listen to the demonstrators, who are increasingly led by indigenous people.

Bolsonaro repeated lines from previous speeches in which he stressed the revival of patriotism in the country and asked supporters not to criticize allies “without being sure about what is happening.”

“We have awakened patriotism in Brazil. The people came back to admire their flag; the people came back to believe that Brazil has a way. It is not easy to face a whole system.”

“The mission of each one of us is not to criticize; it is to unite. Many times, you have information that is not true, and because of tiredness, anguish, or the moment, you start to criticize.”

I am sure that my functions, guaranteed in the Constitution, are essential in any country in the world, and I have always said throughout these four years that the Armed Forces are the last obstacle to socialism.”

“The armed forces, be sure, are united. The armed forces, like me, owe loyalty to our people, respect for the Constitution, and are one of the great responsible for our freedom,” Bolsonaro said.

Next, the president said that he takes responsibility if something goes wrong and stressed that decisions involving other societal sectors are difficult and painful.

“How many times have I said throughout these four years that we have something more important than our own life, which is our freedom.”

“Decisions, when they are exclusively ours, are less difficult and less painful, but when they go through other sectors of society, they are more difficult and must be worked through.”

“If something goes wrong because I asked for my leadership, I will take responsibility for my mistakes, but I ask you not to criticize without being absolutely sure of what is happening,” he stressed.

In his speech, Bolsonaro highlighted the fight for freedom and the risks of the PT’s return to the presidency.

The president also recalled abuses committed by the Supreme Court during his government and complained about the interference of other powers.

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“Who decides my future are you. You decide where the Armed Forces go. Who decides where the House and Senate go are you,” said the president as he acknowledged mistakes in choosing allies.

“We have criticisms, made mistakes, and were not careful enough to choose the right people, but things will change. Nothing like time to make each one of us better,” he added.

Bolsonaro briefly compared Brazil’s political situation with other Latin American countries and questioned, “What happened? How did we get to this point? Did we take time to wake up?”

“Logically, the later you wake up, the harder the mission is. It is not ‘I authorize it, no,’ but ‘what can I do for my country? I am exactly the same as each of you here,” he said.

The president also recalled the assassination attempt he suffered, said that the “moment of trial is not easy,” and reaffirmed his commitment to the Homeland.

“I have never seen in the world the people go to the streets for a president to stay. I, throughout 67 years, have seen the people go to the streets to remove a president […]”

“We should see what happened in other countries (Cuba, Venezuela) so that we don’t make the same mistakes. Nothing is lost.”

“I have never left the four lines of the Constitution, and I believe that victory will also be that way. I give my life for my country […] We will do the right thing and win,” said Bolsonaro.

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