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U.S. won’t warm Europe, continent expects winter ‘like in World War II’

gas supplies, U.S. won’t warm Europe, continent expects winter ‘like in World War II’

The EU is counting on higher gas supplies from the USA to remedy the self-inflicted gas crisis.

There, however, it is reported that an increase in deliveries is not possible.

Russian TV addressed the issue on the evening news on September 15, on the hopeless energy situation in the EU.

Europe should not hope for help from the U.S. this winter with its fracked oil and gas supply, assessed the Russians.

That’s what the Financial Times reports, citing investors and industrialists.

As it turns out, the U.S. production and export capacity is already maxed out.

Before the pandemic, they produced 13 million barrels of oil per day, now it is only 12 million – it is not enough for themselves.

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Europeans’ hopes for their gas storage facilities, which are almost 90 percent full, are deceptive.

(Gazprom video wishing Europeans a good winter, which will be “hard and long”)

Gazprom estimates that EU countries have pumped 58 billion cubic meters into storage, but at least 14 billion cubic meters more are needed for the cold season.

Such purchases are not expected at current prices of over US$2,500 per thousand cubic meters.

The ECB estimates that inflation in the eurozone will be “unacceptably high” in 2022 and 2023.

Changing habits on command to save money is one thing, but in Europe, they try to sell it under the guise of “health.”

Everyone has heard that not washing is better for the skin. Now it’s the temperature’s turn.

Anna Moskva, the Polish Minister of Environment, urged Poles to realize that cold is very important for their health:.

“We must learn a lot – turn off the lights, heat the room less. I already do that, I lower the temperature in my house. It’s 17 degrees in most of my rooms now. Where I’m more often, it’s 19 degrees. You can get used to that. It’s a healthy temperature for the organism.”

How and at what temperature Europeans want to sleep is best known to electric blanket manufacturers in China, who were inundated with orders from January to July of this year.

Demand is up 100 percent compared to 2021. For electric heaters, it’s up 23 percent.

The Serbian president said this winter would be cold and hard, like World War II. Gas has been pumped into storage, but there is only enough for two winter months.

“I want people to know that the coming months will be the most difficult for all of Europe since the end of the war. It will definitely be one of the most difficult years for Serbia and its citizens since 1945,” Aleksander Vucic is sure.

A German newspaper shows the stress test results to understand what it would be like if everything suddenly failed.

After two hours, the fire department and security services would stop operating, and after eight hours, the connection with emergency services.

After 24 hours, sewage treatment plants would shut down, and livestock would begin to die.

But there is no plan B either.

Winter like in WW II for Europeans? (Photo internet reproduction)
Winter like in WW II for Europeans? (Photo internet reproduction)

This is evident in the U.S., which has pushed for sanctions and enforced the oil price cap more than anyone else.

The collapse in Europe played into their hands, but they couldn’t physically help anyway.

As fracked oil and gas producers have reported, current production is the limit: “The U.S. can’t dramatically increase production. We can supply as much as we are supplying now. There will be no emergency help from the oil and gas industries.”

Of course, no one thinks about Ukraine and weapons if things are that bad.

From Brussels’ point of view, the “wrong” mood as EU High Representative Josep Borrell has noted.

There is a temptation to stop support for Kyiv, but there must be no weakness. Against this way of thinking, as he said, you have to fight.

Chancellor Scholz has already taken a lot of heat.

According to Die Welt, Scholz has angered the U.S. with his refusal to supply certain armaments to Ukraine.

The Americans’ patience is at an end.

For a long time, the German government has hidden behind the narrative of supplying weapons on an equal footing with the United States.

Washington is making it increasingly clear that it no longer intends to tolerate Germany’s Ukraine course.

Scholz’s indecisive behavior is not just a different style from the Biden administration’s perspective.

In Washington, the German chancellor’s overall loyalty to Kyiv is being questioned, and there are clear demands on Berlin.

Against the backdrop of the unstable economic situation in Europe, government changes continue.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigned yesterday. The new cabinet will have to deal with cold weather and gas.

In Italy, elections are just over a week away. Aside from the traditional polls on who will win, voters were recently asked what worries them.

Ninety percent of the country’s residents fear the onset of winter, outgoing Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio claims to know.

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