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Taiwan: More people are said to have died from COVID since the start of vaccination than during the entire pandemic

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On October 29, the Central Epidemic Command Centre (“CECC”) announced five new confirmed cases of covid-19 in Taiwan. The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) reported four additional post-vaccination deaths on the same day.

Taiwan launched its Covid vaccination campaign on March 22, 2021, and since then, 982 people-418 women and 564 men, have died after receiving an injection. Of those who died, 541 were over 75 years old.

According to an analysis by the National Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting, the safety signal detection results surprisingly show that the number of reported deaths is below the expected background level.

The CDC report  (in Chinese, please use an online translator to read it as we did, it is worth it) details post-injection deaths in Taiwan.

On October 13, NTD reported (NTD is a New York-based, global television network founded in 2001 by Chinese-Americans who fled communism) that the number of people who died after Covid injection exceeded the number of deaths from the virus itself. The number of deaths after the injection was 865, and the number of deaths from the virus was 845.

Two weeks after the NTD report was released, on October 28, post-injection deaths had increased by 17 to 982, while deaths from the virus increased by 2 to 847.

However, self-proclaimed fact-checkers have denied NTDs reporting, claiming to know more about what’s going on in Taiwan than the people of Taiwan. One of the fact-checker calls NTDs ‘mathematically naïve and ignores abundant scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective, this and other assertions found in the article are textbook “Astroturf” and easy to recognize, say critics.

(TED speech about Astroturf by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson)



On October 29, the Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC) reported five new confirmed cases of 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Taiwan. All of these cases are imported.

The CECC reported that a total of 3,935,711 COVID-19-related cases were reported in Taiwan, of which COVID-19 was excluded in 3,918,276 cases. Of these reported cases, COVID-19 infection was laboratory-confirmed in 16,399 cases.

Since 2020, there have been a total of 847 COVID deaths; of the 847 deaths, 835 were due to “domestic cases” and the other 12 were due to “imported cases.”

The number of confirmed Covid cases increased dramatically after the Covid vaccination campaign began.

Of those tested for Covid, only 0.42% were confirmed as cases; the remainder were “discarded.”

During the “2020 Covid pandemic,” there were a total of 575 Covid cases in the eight months from January to August. During the same period in 2021, there were more than 15,500 cases, including 13,792 between May and June, five weeks after the start of the country’s Covid injection campaign.

Covid-19 in Taiwan, Taiwan: More people are said to have died from COVID since the start of vaccination than during the entire pandemic
Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System

As of October 29, 24.5 million Covid injections had been administered to a population of 23.9 million, and 72% of the population had received at least one injection.

The CDC report “Covid vaccination statistics-19” (In Chinese, please use online translator to read it as we did, it is worth it) shows cumulative totals of Covid injections by type or designation.
Taiwan CDC 1101209 Covid-19 vaccination statistics (In Chinese, please use an online translator, it is worth it)

Covid-related deaths increased dramatically after the injection.

Taiwan confirmed its first case of coronavirus on January 21, 2020. According to Wikipedia’s “deaths per day” table, there were 7 Covid-related deaths in the 12 months from January to December 2020.

Between March 22, the start of the Covid injection campaign, and May 21, 2021, there were seven additional Covid-related deaths. Worldometer shows that there were a total of 17 Covid-related deaths between January 2020 and May 22, 2021.

Two months after the start of the mass injection rollout, in the three months between May 22 and August 22, 2021, there were 811 Covid deaths.

Medical Trend reported, “On October 6, Kuomintang lawmaker Yeh Yu-Lan bluntly stated in a Facebook post that the vaccine administered to save lives also nearly doubled the number of COVID-19 deaths, which is very ironic and confusing indeed.”

Although the Taiwanese government has admitted that more people have died from the injection than from Covid, it may be much worse than it seems. Of the total 847 Covid deaths since the “pandemic” began, 830 occurred after introducing the Covid injection.

Yeh Yu-Lan
Yeh Yu-Lan

Until we have more detailed information about the nature of the adverse effects of Covid injection, it is unclear whether Covid is among these adverse effects. In addition to the 830 Covid post-injection deaths, there were 982 deaths due to post-injection adverse events, according to Adverse Event Reporting, the Taiwanese equivalent of VAERS.

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