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Russian ‘special op’ designed to end US’ world dominance – Lavrov

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine is partly being fought to end the “total dominance” and “reckless expansion” of the United States on the world stage, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the state-run Rossia 24 broadcaster that aired Monday.

Russian officials have given a number of different justifications for the country’s invasion of Ukraine since President Vladimir Putin ordered troops over the border on Feb. 24 with the stated goal of “de-nazifying and demilitarizing” Moscow’s pro-Western neighbor.

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“Our special military operation is designed to put an end to the reckless expansion and the reckless course toward the total dominance of the United States — and the rest of the Western countries under them — in the international arena,” Lavrov said.

Sergei Lavrov. (Photo internet reproduction)
Sergei Lavrov. (Photo internet reproduction)

The foreign minister also accused the U.S. of not following international law.

“In Iraq … they saw a threat to their American security, they bombed it. And when neo-nazis and ultra-radicals are being grown right on our borders …we are not allowed to react to this threat on our borders,” Lavrov added.

Russia’s defense minister has said that the country’s main task in its “special military operation” in Ukraine is to protect itself from Western threats.

The Foreign Minister also responded to recent calls by EU policy chief Josep Borrell for a ‘military’ resolution to the conflict. According to Lavrov, Borrell’s position is “game-changing,” and further proves the bloc’s intent to use Ukraine as a “launchpad” for anti-Russian activities.


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