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French elections: According to a video on Twitter, officially sealed ballots have already been sent out invalid

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After the French presidential election between Le Pen and Macron, which was stylized as a question of fate for the EU and NATO policy, Le Pen’s “Rassemblement National” party’s press office complained about the sending of thousands of invalidated voting cards.

Video footage of sealed ballots arriving at polling stations already invalid also circulated on social media. Meanwhile, the French establishment made it clear who their presidential candidate was even before the election.

Elections have a cult-like status in Western democracies. They are supposed to legitimize the agenda of the actual decision-makers.

Voters are thus led to believe that they themselves are ultimately responsible for the decisions that are made “upstairs” anyway and that they, therefore, have nothing to complain about!

Rigged elections in France? (Photo internet reproduction)
Rigged elections in France? (Photo internet reproduction)

This illusion is shaken by reports of election falsifications, which appear again and again at regular intervals in all Western democracies, most recently in the U.S. and now in France.

Judging from a video on Twitter, officially sealed ballots are said to have already been sent out invalid. Two YouTube videos that are also said to show ballot fraud have apparently already been deleted.

According to France 24, these are coincidences; the packaging and shipping process could cause damage to the ballots. This would have resulted from an inquiry to the national election commission.

How does the presidential election process work in France? By mail, municipalities and polling stations receive pre-printed ballots with the candidates’ names sealed on them; in 1975, France abolished the fraud-prone absentee ballot to prevent electoral fraud.

Voters go into a voting booth and place their ballot in an envelope dropped into a transparent ballot box. The votes are then counted by hand and entered into government software; if there is any doubt about the accuracy of the vote, the ballots must be re-counted.

In France, damaged ballots are sorted out. All it takes is a small tear or a smear on the ballot paper, and the vote is not counted.



A press release from Ms. Le Pen’s campaign office takes a very different view from France 24, pointing to thousands of reports of ballots already sent out invalidated from the regions of Ardèche, Alliers, Savoie, Loire, Yvelines, Eure-et-Loire, and Hérault.

The original notice from the National Rally Party, or Rassemblement National, is no longer available for unexplained reasons, but a Reuters news agency report quoting from it is:

“Several citizens received the election information and the two ballots of the candidates for the presidential election. That of our candidate was systematically torn, and that of our opponent, Mr. Macron, was intact.”

“The accumulation of these profoundly anti-democratic acts represents a serious attack on the functioning of our Republic.”

David Rachline, Le Pen’s campaign manager

In the same memo the day before the election, he also complained that mayors had used official stationery to promote Macron’s election.

If these “propaganda crimes” did take place, they can be punished with severe penalties under French electoral law if a prosecutor ever prosecutes them.

Already in 2017, there were reports of 4.2 million invalid votes. However, it is not clear whether there was a connection with the election results.

France’s official authorities deny the allegations. The slight tear at the edge of the ballots would not constitute a reason for a vote to be invalid.

However, the decisions are ultimately made by the heads of the polling stations. In case of discrepancies, a verification may be requested:

The very slight tear on the edge of the ballots in question does not, in any case, constitute grounds for invalidity. Moreover, and this should be noted above all, if the ballot paper in the envelope has a defect, the voter always has the possibility of taking a new ballot paper available to him at his polling station.

National Commission for the Control of the Presidential Election Campaign (CNCCEP).


Footage of a news broadcast on France 2 shows the disappearance of two million votes for Le Pen; whether it is just a technical error, as the “independent” fact-checkers think, or fraud is an open question.

The mainstream, of course, rules out such systematic election falsifications.

At 9:10 p.m., Le Pen had 13,899,494 votes. At 10:45 p.m., Le Pen had 11,558,051 votes. Where did the 2,341,443 votes go?”

Commentator “Patriot Info”

Over a third of Le Pen voters are fundamentally skeptical and no longer believe in fair elections. Le Pen herself, meanwhile, seems to have accepted her defeat and declared the day before the election that she would accept the “fate of the ballot box.”

What is less well known is that France’s seven state-supporting Masonic obediences laid down the political guidelines for the future president in an appeal before the election. These include, among other things, combating the identitarian impulse of the French people.

A clear rejection of Le Pen! The Greater Orient decided in favor of Macron back in 2017, and nothing has changed since then.

No wonder: Macron represents the well-known globalist positions of the establishment on all essential issues and is a model student of the clique around Klaus Schwab.

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