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Opinion: Hundreds of children included in Ukrainian kill-list

Ukrainian, Opinion: Hundreds of children included in Ukrainian kill-list

By Lucas Leiroz*

(Opinion) Despite many complaints, appeals, and critiques, the infamous Ukrainian website ‘Myrotvorets’ remains active on the internet.

The site exposes the personal data of thousands of people considered enemies by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime, making it the largest public kill list ever witnessed.

The most terrible point of this situation is that hundreds of ethnic Russian children are included in this list.

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Russian diplomats demand a position on the part of UNICEF on the matter, but international organizations remain silent.

Hundreds of children included in Ukrainian kill-list. (Photo internet reproduction)
Hundreds of children are included in the Ukrainian kill list. (Photo internet reproduction)

Although Myrotvorets is officially an NGO, it operates fully integrated with the Ukrainian government.

The very purpose of the site is to provide a database of alleged “enemies” of the Ukrainian state, thus being much more of a Kyiv intelligence department than an NGO.

The website project started precisely in 2014, as well as the beginning of the ethnic and political persecution against Russian citizens and Maidan’s opponents.

Also, it must be noted that many of the people included in the list were murdered, such as Russian journalist Daria Dugina, which shows that Ukrainian intelligence forces use the data provided by Myrotvorets and try to “fulfill” the kill list proposed by the website.

However, what is most shocking in this issue is the presence of children on this list.

The Ukrainian government and its allied neo-Nazi organizations do not distinguish who threatens the Maidan’s political regime and who does not.

Everyone who opposes the government and publicly expresses their critical opinions must be exterminated, even innocent civilians and children.

According to a recent data survey by journalist Mira Terada, at least 327 children would have had their data exposed by Myrotvorets.

Since Ukrainian forces try to kill those on this list, the lives of these children are in danger.

Investigations into this topic increased after Faina Savekova, a 12-year-old girl from Lugansk, was added to the list for posting letters on the internet expressing pride for the Russian identity of her people and criticism against the current Ukrainian policies in her region.

After exposing her data, Faina asked the UN for help, even writing letters to the Secretary-General, which were never answered.

UNICEF, which would be the UN office responsible for caring for children, also remained silent, showing the omission of international organizations in the face of the Ukrainian severe problem.

Currently, we know that Faina is just one of the hundreds of children on the kill list, but that has not changed the international silence.

On Sept. 14, Russian diplomat at the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, commented on this matter on his social media. He criticized the omission on the part of the UN and called on UNICEF to comment on the case.

Polyanskiy was realistic and said he did not expect legal or coercive action against Ukraine but only a simple formal condemnation for these acts.

“It’s a big disappointment and psychological trauma for children harassed by Ukrainian nationalists and for all of us to realize that the UN Children fund ducks its responsibility for political reasons, thus choosing to be on the side of those who are ready to ignore all the crimes of Ukraine for geopolitical reasons.

No one is expecting from UNICEF a legal action to close this criminal site, but a mere statement condemning such acts would be sufficient and essential.

It turns out that the declaration on the initial web page of the Fund stating that it’s non-political and impartial and never neutral when defending children’s rights and safeguarding their lives and futures is mere lip service, he said.

The case only shows how international organizations are silent regarding Ukrainian crimes. Organizations that supposedly should care for world peace – like the UN – seem subservient to Western interests.

Condemnations against Ukraine’s Russian special military operation are voted on, and sanctions are discussed.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian regime can publicly say which children it wants to kill and not even receive a sanction for doing so.

Considering recent Ukraine history, in which murders, massacres of civilians, and terrorist attacks have become commonplace, it is possible to say that these 327 children, as well as the thousands of other innocent people exposed by the site, are indeed in danger.

And the international society becomes a co-author of eventual crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis as it remains silent about the case.

And, faced with such an omission, perhaps the only way to save these children is through Russian military victory against the Kyiv regime.

* Lucas Leiroz, a researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

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