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On order of the Pentagon Microsoft takes over Ukrainian digital networks, says Russian minister

The U.S. proxy war against Russia over Ukraine continues on digital networks. Microsoft has taken control there on the orders of the Pentagon, thus also receiving additional funding.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov says that Microsoft is carrying out an order from the Pentagon and U.S. special services to take away Ukraine’s “digital sovereignty” by usurping authority over its information space and digital infrastructure, according to Russia’s TASS news agency.

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Microsoft, it said, was carrying out the Pentagon’s and special services’ order to bring all of Ukraine’s information infrastructure under absolute control and deprive it of any “digital sovereignty.”

The company itself admitted as much in the report, Syromolotov said in response to Microsoft’s study accusing Russia of cyberattacks against Ukraine and its allies. At stake is also a piece of the $15 billion pie the Pentagon spends on cyberwarfare.

The Russian diplomat claimed that Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, in particular, promised Ukrainian authorities a defense against targeted cyberattacks and persuaded them to give the company remote access to their networks so that the Internet giant had all the necessary tools for digital provocations and false-flag cyberattacks.

Specifically, the “controlled folder access” feature in the Microsoft Defender application protects against cyber threats. Known vulnerabilities are exploited by the Americans, says Tass.

With the help of RiskIQ services, under the pretext of assessing the security level of information resources of Ukrainian state bodies, devices with known unpatched vulnerabilities were identified, which can now be exploited by the Americans,” Syromolotov said.

According to the report, the “Ukrainian IT army” is just a creation of Microsoft, which the Eastern European country uses for cyberattacks on Russia (and probably other countries).

Microsoft people are also using Ukraine for cyber warfare against Russia. The Pentagon is staying in the background like this.

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