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Musk classifies as “extremely worrying” latest censorship decisions of Brazil’s Moraes

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, classified as “extremely worrying” the decisions of the minister of the Supreme Court STF, Alexandre de Moraes, which determine, for example, the suspension of profiles on social networks.

Musk’s position was given in response to a series of tweets by the American journalist Glenn Greenwald.

In the messages, Glenn says, ” Brazil’s censorship regime is growing rapidly. He referred to Moraes’ decision to suspend influencers’ profiles on Friday (Jan. 13).

Elon Musk. (Photo internet reproduction)
Elon Musk. (Photo internet reproduction)

In the same “thread,” the American journalist questions, “What right does a Brazilian judge have to order foreign platforms to ban politicians and journalists from their platforms and threaten them with massive fines if they don’t censor?”

At the end of the postings, Elon Musk responded, “This is extremely troubling.

Today Moraes had the following people banned from social media, without any explanation.

1 – Barbara from Te Atualizei
2 – Paula Marisa
3 – Monark
4 – Senator Allan Rick
5 – Nikolas Ferreira
6 – deputy José Medeiros

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