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Is this how the Russians found out that the UK, in cooperation with the US, blew up the North Stream pipelines?

Because former British Prime Minister Liz Truss used her iPhone to send a message to Blinken just a minute after the pipeline was blown up. At that time, no one knew about it, and she sent a message to Blinken saying, “It’s done”?

It’s not just the Five Eyes that have backdoor access to all of Big Tech’s databases. Russia and China also have sophisticated cyber units.

Liz Truss. (Photo internet reproduction)
Liz Truss. (Photo internet reproduction)

The funny thing is that government officials with top security clearances still prefer to use iPhones rather than their NSA and GCHQ-issued encrypted phones.

It wasn’t the phone that was hacked; it was iCloud Admin!

If Russia publicly accuses the UK, it means they have concrete evidence!

Did they hack Merkel’s cell phone? Yes, it’s common knowledge.

Forbes writes:

The Mail on Sunday newspaper has reported that private message between Liz Truss, the former U.K. Prime Minister, and international foreign ministers, relating to the war in Ukraine during her time as Foreign Secretary, fell into the hands of cyber-spies suspected of working for the Kremlin. Some of those messages, it says, included “detailed discussions about arms shipments.”

The report, citing unnamed security service sources, claims the hacking incident was discovered during Truss’ successful Conservative Party leadership campaign.

Boris Johnson suppressed news of the hacking, the report claims
The newspaper claims that details of the phone hacking were “suppressed by Boris Johnson, who was Prime Minister at the time, and the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case.”

Reminder. Merkel’s cell phone was also hacked a few years ago by the USA, or more precisely by the NSA.

So why not Truss’s now?

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