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Investigative journalist missing in the U.S. after FBI raids his home

ABC News investigative reporter James Gordon Meek has been missing since an FBI raid on his home in April.

The reporter for the U.S. media giant has “dropped off the face of the earth” and has not been seen by neighbors or colleagues since the FBI raided his home in late April, Rolling Stone reported, according to Breitbart News.

The FBI told Rolling Stone that on April 27, agents “were present in the 2300 block of Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia, conducting court-approved law enforcement operations,” which is exactly where Meek had lived for a decade.

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“The FBI cannot comment further as the investigation is ongoing,” an agency spokesman added.

None of Meek’s neighbors or colleagues have seen him since the raid. “He’s dropped off the face of the earth,” one of Meek’s neighbors told Rolling Stone.

James Gordon Meek. (Photo internet reproduction)
James Gordon Meek. (Photo internet reproduction)

“And people asked, but nobody knew the answer,” he added.

ABC News shared that Meek “abruptly quit and hasn’t worked for us in months.”

Meek was to publish a book with Simon & Schuster that tells the story of a retired Green Beret who helped evacuate more than 500 Afghans during the scandalous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan under Joe Biden, along with co-author Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret.

After the FBI raid, Meek’s name and photo were removed from the book and all press materials.

Mann told Rolling Stone that Meek was dealing with “some serious personal issues” that prevented him from moving forward with the book.

“He contacted me in the spring and was very distressed and told me he had serious personal problems and had to pull out of the project,” Mann said.

According to Rolling Stone’s sources, FBI agents found classified information on Meek’s computer during the raid.

Last year, Biden’s Justice Department issued a directive prohibiting federal authorities from seizing a journalist’s records without seeking approval from the deputy attorney general.

Meek has published several articles on national security and terrorism during his long career as a journalist.

He produced the Hulu documentary 3212 Un-Redacted, which focused on his coverage of an ISIS ambush in Niger in 2017 that left four Green Berets dead.

Meek’s last sign of life came on April 27, when the raid occurred.

“Facts,” wrote the missing journalist about information about the war in Ukraine.

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