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Elon Musk cleans up: Is Twitter’s chief censor Vijaya Gadde about to be kicked out?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – At the moment, the world – at least all those who can appreciate the concept of true freedom of expression – is hoping that Elon Musk will make good on his promises and rid Twitter of left-wing extremism and censorship.

A report in the New York Post speculates that Twitter’s top censor, responsible for suppressing the opinions of conservatives and other dissenters around the world, may soon be on the street.

Whether the lawyer Vijaya Gadde, 48 years old, annual salary US$ 17 million, really trembles for her future prospects may be doubted. People of this “class” fall from one supply job to the next.

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Particularly in the area close to the government under Biden, there is always a field of activity for left-wing censors and enemies of freedom. Moreover, countless U.S. corporations have jumped on the “woke” bandwagon and strive to comply with every new trend, no matter how bizarre.

Vijaya Gadde. (Photo internet reproduction)
Vijaya Gadde. (Photo internet reproduction)

On Twitter, however, the doors behind Gadde are likely to close for the last time soon – and as a friend of older American movies, in which good often triumphed, you know: there come a few well-equipped men from corporate security and escort the colleague to the door, the belongings are then handed over outside in a shoebox.

What was Ms. Gadde’s job? As the corporation’s top lawyer, she made the key decisions about how far to go in censoring people. It is likely that the decision to ban former U.S. President Trump from the platform crossed her desk.

Gadde, who has been with Twitter since 2011, is the key executive charged with overseeing Twitter’s trust and safety functions, as well as its legal and public company policies.

She is viewed internally as Twitter’s “moral authority” and an executive tasked with sensitive issues such as harassment and dangerous speech.

Source: Politico

The lady, who has no problem dictating what other people should say and think, did not behave particularly wisely in the face of the takeover. In a circle of colleagues, people are said to have scolded Musk, with one colleague from that circle publicly calling him a “misogynist.”

This corresponds to the leftist logic of always portraying oneself as a victim. In their view, anyone who disagrees must naturally be filled with hate and be thoroughly bad and evil.

The medium Politico reported that Gadde was discussing the future of Twitter with colleagues and complained horribly about Musk wanting to allow free speech. In the process, she reportedly even broke down in tears.

Freedom of expression is the foundation of a functioning democracy.

Elon Musk

Musk publicly commented on Twitter helping to suppress and censor the story about Hunter Biden’s famous laptop. On it, in addition to pornographic material, which is said to show even Joe Biden in activities with very young women, there is a lot of evidence of criminal corruption of the Biden family.

This concerns alleged illegal cooperation with China, but also direct involvement in events in Ukraine, specifically in bioweapons laboratories operated there. Individuals like Gadde had ensured that the public would not learn about this evidence for a very long time.

Elon Musk joked in the course of his takeover that he would turn Twitter’s headquarters into a shelter for the homeless – since no one shows up for duty there anyway.

There’s a serious reason behind such jokes – Musk apparently has no intention of continuing to pamper unproductive employees with multi-million dollar salaries. Salary cuts or layoffs in the higher echelons of management are to be expected. Musk also mentioned publicly that he has no confidence in Twitter’s current management.


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