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Demonized by mainstream, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni could reshuffle politics on the Old Continent

, Demonized by mainstream, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni could reshuffle politics on the Old Continent

Next Sunday, Giorgia Meloni, on September 25, is set to become the first Italian female Prime Minister.

The European globalist establishment is in a panic, as their victory could well be the beginning of a conservative revolution on an exhausted continent lurching from one drama to the next due to massive leadership failures of prevailing progressive forces.

The coalition of right-wing parties (Coalizione Destra), consisting of Fratelli d’Italia (Giorgia Meloni), Lega (Matteo Salvini), Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi), Noi (Mauricio Lupi) and Coraggio (Luigi Brugnaro), has almost 50 percent of the vote.

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Enrico Letta and his few allies (Carlo Calenda and Luigi Di Maio) do not reach these numbers.

According to the agreement reached by the right-wing parties, whoever receives the most individual votes in the election will become the new prime minister.

This would make Giorgia Meloni the first woman in Italy’s history to lead the country, as Fratelli is the first party in the polls.


Born in Rome in 1977, she became politically active at age 15, stating that the 1992 mafia massacres were the catalyst for her motivation.

She began in the Youth Front (FdG) of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), a party founded in 1947 by the survivors of the Italian Social Republic, the only political force outside of the mafia and corruption.

When the MSI dissolved, Meloni joined Gianfranco Fini’s National Alliance in 1996.

In 2004, she was elected president of Azione Giovani at the national congress in Viterbo, leading the Figli d’Italia list and becoming the organization’s first female president.

She has worked as a journalist since 2006.

In the same period, at the age of 29, she was elected to the College of Lazio as a deputy on the National Alliance list, becoming the youngest woman in the XV Parliament.

Since then she has held a seat uninterruptedly until the present day.

She also became the youngest Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies in the history of the Italian Republic.

Two years later, at the age of 31, she was elected Minister of Youth by the Berlusconi government and kept the presidency of Azione Giovani.

In this way, she was – in case there was a lack of records – the youngest minister in the country’s history.

In December 2012, with Ignazio La Russa and Guido Crosetto, she founded a new political movement called Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), inspired by the national anthem’s words.

Two years later, she won his party’s primaries and became its chairman.

Since September 2020, she has been chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) in the European Parliament.

There she promotes the idea of a confederal Europe that would respect national sovereignty, enable border security, and fight terrorism, among other things.

A European vision à la De Gaulle,” she said in an interview with French media outlet Valeurs Actuelles.

She has also spoken at events such as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and National Conservatism.

During the Covid-19 event, she refused to join the national unity government and opposed any restrictive measures against the unvaccinated.

In the September 2021 elections, Fratelli was already ahead of Salvini’s Lega thanks to a new political style.

By early 2022, he was leading in the general polls.

It should be remembered that in the last elections the party received only 4% of the vote.

She has outed herself as an admirer of Donald Trump’s Republican Party, a supporter of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and VOX leader Santiago Abascal.

She won support by calling on the EU to abandon the global immigration pact and proposing a naval blockade of North Africa to curb illegal immigration.

Progressive establishment media like the

  • New York Times,
  • Washington Post,
  • BBC,
  • DW,
  • Infobae,

and many others do not try to analyze her projects, but call her “fascist,” “homophobic,” “regressive,” “xenophobic” and a danger to democracy and stability in Europe.

, Demonized by mainstream, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni could reshuffle politics on the Old Continent

Even globalist tycoon George Soros said in an article for El País that his greatest concern “among the leaders and movements that oppose the fundamental values of the European Union” is Italy.

And he added that “the declining popularity of anti-European leader Matteo Salvini has been replaced by Giorgia Meloni,” whom he described as even more extreme.


So what are Meloni’s ideas and proposals?

From her speech in Andalusia, several concepts can be deduced from an event organized by VOX.

While she is aware that Italy’s energy dependence is dramatic, she also knows that the idea of a complete switch to electricity without control over the necessary raw materials will only make Italy more dependent on China than on Russia.

And China will be even richer – without regard for European environmental standards – and in the end, there will not be a cleaner world, but a poorer Europe.

“Following Greta Thunberg’s ideology will lead to the loss of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs across Europe.”

“But the left doesn’t care about that, because we are the only ones defending jobs today,” she said.

Likewise, she argues that given the climate fundamentalism of the Green Deal, ships will choose those ports where there are no such regulations and therefore no such costs.

“How many farmers will be able to withstand the downward competition with African agricultural products?” she asks.

The young leader knows that asking these questions means bringing the issues down to earth, and reality, as we know, is ideology’s worst enemy.

“But beware,” she warns, “the prevailing ideology of political correctness is an attempt to give sinister interests a high motivation to destroy the identity, the centrality of the person, and the achievements of our civilization to fatten the great multinational corporations of the indeterminate, the synthetic, the wealth that a few have at the expense of the many.”

As for gender ideology, she believes that beyond the slogans, its real goal is not the fight against discrimination or overcoming the differences between men and women, but – unspoken but tragically obvious – the disappearance of women and, above all, the end of motherhood.

“Defending women means not being silent in the face of insecurity in our neighborhoods and increasing ethnic violence.”

She then comments on an incident in Italy where thousands of North African youths devastated a tourist town and surrounded and sexually assaulted six girls on a train, shouting “White women must not come up here.”

“Imagine what would have happened if young Italian or Spanish criminals had done the same to African girls,” she adds.

“The left would have screamed about the chauvinist and racist monster. Instead, once again, everyone was silent.”

“That’s because the left defends the woman until she encounters a foreign criminal. Then the ideologically conditioned reflex makes the foreign criminal more valuable than the woman,” she explains.

Regarding the illegal immigrants that leftists call refugees, she explains that these people are not fleeing from a war, but those who are fleeing from war are Ukrainians, and you see pictures of these real refugees mainly women and children.

“In these years, however, only single men of working age have come to us, and the left, the armed wing of the interests of the big economic corporations, has rolled out the red carpet for them, knowing that these cheap laborers would compete with our workers.”

And she adds, “for them, they will be new slaves to be exploited. In contrast, European civilization fought slavery and abolished it centuries ago. We do not accept any going back to this.


The Italian leader believes that Fratelli is leading in the polls because he rejects the restrictions that others have tried to impose on him.

She also described the pressure they faced from Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest investment banking and securities groups.

Representatives of the banking group traveled to Italy to point out that if Fratelli won the next general election, there would be problems with the national debt.

“They are threatening Italians with the spread if the national debt is the fault of those in power and not the opposition.”

“The American investment banks do not decide who should govern in Italy, nor do leftist circles, but the Italian citizens,” she said.

And she stressed, “Who governs will not be decided by the financial groups, the big media, or by progressive intellectuals. The people will decide because that is democracy and that is a message that the left must understand.”


She also believes that false right-wing parties have usurped millions of conservative voters and then made the worst deals with the left.

And she stresses that there is no more time for weak thinking and constant mediations that weaken nations.

Now is the time to take a clear stand.

“Today, leftist secularism and Islamic radicalism threaten our roots, and in the face of this challenge, no mediation is possible; either we say yes or we say no.”

She says, ending with “long live the Europe of patriots”:

  • Yes to the natural family, no to the unnatural family
  • Yes to the natural family, no to the LGTBI lobby
  • Yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology
  • Yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death
  • Yes to the universality of the cross, no to Islamist violence
  • Yes to secure borders, no to mass immigration
  • Yes to the work of our citizens, no to international big finance
  • Yes to the sovereignty of the people
  • No to Brussels bureaucrats and
  • Yes to our civilization and no to those who want to destroy it


In her autobiography “Io sono Giorgia” (I am Giorgia) we find the following interesting quote:

“You see, political correctness is a shock wave, a fancy culture that tries to disturb and eliminate everything beautiful, honorable, and human that our civilization has developed […].”

“It is a nihilistic wind of unprecedented ugliness that seeks to homogenize everything in the name of One World. In short, political correctness – the gospel that a stateless, rootless elite seeks to impose – is the greatest threat to the fundamental value of identities.”


A few weeks ago, Meloni made a video in French, English and Spanish in which She rejects all the slanders of the progressive media establishment.

It warns of authoritarian change, Italy’s exit from the euro, the country’s instability, etc., adding that in the last decade the country has experienced an unprecedented economic and social decline, with a continuous deterioration of public finances, the quality of life of citizens and the competitiveness of businesses.

]This is because, with the leftists in power, the state has become the enemy of citizens and businesses, increasingly violating individual freedoms.

Regarding the accusations that seek to link them to “fascist” ideals, she clarified that “the Italian right has relegated fascism to history for decades and unequivocally condemns the abolition of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws.”

“Moreover, we unequivocally condemn Nazism and Communism, the latter being the only one of the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century.”

She added that the image of Italian conservatives, a bastion of freedom and defender of Western values, should not be further tarnished by secrecy-mongers who try to stay in power by any means.

“What do we want for the future of Italy? We want it to become once again the great, dynamic, and innovative nation appreciated worldwide, which helped make Europe an outstanding place.”

“We are loyal, honest, and determined people, and we are ready to usher in a new era of stability, freedom, and prosperity for Italy, whether the left likes it or not,” she concluded.


The mainstream globalist media likes to use the word “fascist” to describe all those who refuse to be trampled by the progressive agenda and fight to defend life, liberty, and community values.

In recent decades, a new generation of European politicians has emerged, increasingly disillusioned with ideological and utopian experiments that have failed to deliver what they promised and proven their utter ineptitude with a long series of undeniable failures.

Leftist governments have pursued policies far removed from the people’s will, but this time there is a silent majority that could prevail in Italy.

This majority with common sense could make the country the first Western European nation in recent decades where patriotism comes to power and manages to reverse the current mainstream.

The conservative movement in Italy, in Europe – and in the rest of the world – has grown recently.

It is said to be oriented to the real needs of the people and not to the privileges of a minority and certainly not to the foreign agendas of supranational bodies that only want to protect their interests.

Giorgia Meloni proposes practical conservatism as a concrete form of rebellion against the prevailing progressivism.

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