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1500 African men formed spontaneous migrant mob army in northern Italy and attacked localities and girls

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It is the first significant incident of the kind that critics of unrestricted and, above all, unconditional mass migration have feared for decades. On the southern shores of Lake Garda, around 1,500 North Africans formed a mob that undertook a violent “war campaign” through several localities.

There were attacks, multiple cases of severe property damage, and numerous cases of sexual assault. The perpetrators waved African flags and shouted slogans of “reconquest.”

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The call for the roundup is said to have been made on June 2 via Tiktok. The towns affected were Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo and Desenzano.

The African mob moved through the streets of the villages, destroying shop windows and attacking tourists and bystanders.

“We have come to take back Peschiera!” was one of the slogans shouted. According to Italian newspapers, the trigger was an illegal music event, but that is only half the truth.

There was also alleged sexual harassment and assault at the train station and on trains:

“We were surrounded, the heat was suffocating, and some fainted. When we looked for the conductor, they told us: “White women do not go up here “. In total, six charges of sexual harassment and 30 young people are under investigation.” that’s according to young women on Regional Train 2640 on June 2, where dozens of drunk and violent young men, many North Africans and second-generation immigrants-were returning from an unauthorized rave party in Peschiera del Garda.

According to Italian sources, the riots could have been avoided because the invitation to riot on social media, specifically Tiktok, was also known to local politicians. The mayor of Peschiera, Orietta Gaiulli, feels abandoned.

She demands the resignation of all those responsible who did not respond to her requests for help in advance – both in the police and politics. She had already approached the police on May 31.

The motto of the meeting was “Africa à Peschiera” – Africa in Peschiera – to conquer the city. She deplores political arbitrariness and superficiality. She no longer wants to accept that people stand idly by and watch the destruction of the land.

The situation already got out of control on a train where reportedly 100 male Africans surrounded and harassed women. An emergency brake even stopped the train for this purpose.

Six victims of the sexual assaults reported them directly to the railroad police; the number of unreported cases could be much higher. There are 30 African suspects in this incident alone.

In Peschiera, there was a lot of damage to property and brutal brawls. The young Africans sat down in other people’s cars or trampled on them, wildly beat up Italians and tourists who were present. There were also stabbings and robberies, and numerous tourists fled. Hundreds of police were needed to calm the situation.

As a result, politicians and security forces reacted in their usual unworldly and senseless manner. Bars and restaurants remained closed for the time being, and an alcohol ban was imposed.

The population is supplied with delivery services. In the meantime, surveillance camera footage is being viewed. One would be confident to be able to catch all perpetrators.

Orietta Gaiulli sees a large share of the blame on the municipality of Castelnuovo, which would not be willing or able to provide security, especially at the beach, which would be a starting point for violence and devastation for three years.

There they speak of an “inclusion project” they have created a section of beach for the disabled. Last year, a boy drowned there while suspected North African criminals stole the belongings of all rescuers.

This beach plays a significant role in the events. In Castelnuovo, politicians announced they did not want to stir up resentment or stereotypes.

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