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Case seeking to jail Donald Trump falls apart: new evidence proves he was not involved in illegal payments

In the last few hours, while all the media are attentively awaiting the decision of the Manhattan Criminal Court, led by ultra-Democrat Alvin Bragg, a letter from 2018 emerged that would exculpate Donald Trump completely from the case being pushed by the Biden administration to imprison his political rival.

Bragg, a Democratic prosecutor who has been trying for years to arrest Trump, already had to suspend three consecutive days the indictment he was going to present before the New York justice after it was leaked that he was going to ask for preventive detention for the former president.

The case investigates the payment of US$130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels, who in 2016 had publicly threatened that she would launch a book telling that she had a romantic relationship with Trump shortly after his marriage to Melania Trump.

ultra-Democrat, Case seeking to jail Donald Trump falls apart: new evidence proves he was not involved in illegal payments
Prosecutor Alvin Bragg and Donald Trump (Photo internet reproduction)

Daniels signed a confidentiality agreement with Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, and ultimately did not publish the book.

Two years later, in 2018, attorney Michael Avenatti convinced Daniels to press charges against Trump, given that the payment had been made amid the presidential campaign and could be considered political extortion.

The case could only find Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, guilty, as there was no evidence that Trump had ordered or reimbursed him for the money.

The court ruled that Cohen acted voluntarily without knowing the then-presidential candidate.

The situation was sealed when Avenatti went to prison in 2019 after it was proven that he had scammed Daniels and stolen money from her.

But the case was taken up two years later by prosecutor Bragg, who decided to continue the investigation.

Four years passed, and finally, Bragg announced that he had obtained all the evidence necessary to bring charges against Trump.

Court documents were leaked by Fox News last Sunday, where Bragg was seen saying he would recommend Trump’s immediate arrest.

The former president posted the news on Truth Social and accused Bragg of illegally working with the FBI to coordinate his high-profile arrest.

ultra-Democrat, Case seeking to jail Donald Trump falls apart: new evidence proves he was not involved in illegal payments
Michael Cohen’s letter to Federal Election Commission (Photo internet reproduction)

Thanks to the viralization of this news, a 2018 letter quickly came to light in which Michael Cohen assured the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that the sum of money paid to Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) came entirely from his personal funds.

In the same letter, it is further specified that neither the Trump Organization nor Donald Trump’s campaign team had any involvement in the transaction with Stormy Daniels, nor was reimbursement made directly or indirectly to Cohen for the amount disbursed.

Finalizing with the content of the document, on behalf of Michael Cohen, his lawyer, Stephen Ryan, expressed that Cohen in no way made any contributions to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign or any political campaign, highlighting that the role of the Election Commission (FEC) has no place in the investigation since it has nothing to do with electoral matters.

This letter was before the court and is part of the evidence in the case, so, strangely, prosecutor Bragg continues to try to prosecute Trump for a crime he did not commit.

It should be clarified that six months after submitting the letter to the FEC and the courts, Cohen changed his speech and negotiated an agreement with the FBI to plead guilty, and his sentence would be reduced in exchange for involving Trump in his speech as well.

As part of his judicial strategy, Cohen said that an offshore was used to pay Clifford and that he then sought reimbursement from the Trump Organization, also charging a sum respective to the costs of the transfer made of US$35, added to another US$50,000 related to technological works competent to President Trump’s campaign.

The total amount Cohen sought in reimbursements was doubled, for tax purposes, in addition to a bonus of US$60,000, totaling US$420,000 in monthly installments for which he paid commercial invoices.

None of this was proven with documentation, and it was all in words, so the sentence only included Cohen and not Trump or anyone else in the Trump Organization or his campaign team.

Everything indicated that on Tuesday, prosecutor Bragg would ask for the arrest of Trump, currently residing in Mar-A-Lago, Miami.

For this, fences were erected around the Manhattan prosecutor’s office, and an FBI team was dispatched to negotiate the surrender of the former president with his team of lawyers and the Secret Service.

However, Tuesday came, and no indictment was filed.

Wednesday passed, and again, nothing.

This Thursday, at least at the time of publication, seems to complete the third day with no news in the case, which after this discovery, should be closed immediately since it has no more legal support.

On Tuesday, Bragg asked for more time to analyze the evidence.

On Wednesday, an anonymous juror asked to suspend the activities due to “family matters”.

This Thursday, Bragg again asked for a continuance.

Only Friday remains for Bragg to present evidence; otherwise, Trump’s legal team has anticipated that it will move to dismiss his indictment in the case due to a lack of supporting evidence.

Republican Kentucky state Senator Rand Paul came out publicly to defend the former president and, along with Representatives James Comer (Kentucky) and Jim Jordan (Ohio), called from Congress for US Attorney Alvin Bragg to inform the Legislative Branch why he is investigating a former president.

Rand Paul was blunt on Tuesday:

“Jailing Trump without evidence would be a disgusting abuse of power. The Manhattan DA should go to jail for abuse of power and witch hunt.”

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