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“America eats dirt”. The decision of OPEC+ pleased Chinese citizens

Saudi Arabia, Russia, and others ignored Biden’s “warning”. Oil production by OPEC+ countries will decrease by two million barrels per day.

Despite the obvious opposition from the United States, OPEC + decided to reduce oil production, reports Chinese “Guancha”.

Readers of the portal are delighted: obviously, oil-producing countries will not obey Washington.

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“It’s like watching America eat dirt,” one of them writes.

Street scene in a Chinese city. (Photo internet reproduction)
Street scene in a Chinese city. (Photo internet reproduction)


Brocade from Jiancheng
OPEC announced to the world that America decides not everything. You can not constantly obey someone else’s will!

Oil-producing countries have no obligation to help Biden and companies win the midterm elections; they have their own national interests!

This news shows that America’s ability to control the world has deteriorated sharply, with even more creditors knocking on their door in the future.

Scumbag Tseng Xiaofen
A couple of days ago in the media, I remember they said that the OPEC+ countries want to reduce production by one million barrels.

Then came the news of Biden’s mediation, and the next morning OPEC+ decided to cut production by two million barrels, hahaha!

050700 in response to Scumbag Tseng Xiaofen
Now ‘old Joe’ needs to threaten the oil-producing countries for the news of a production cut of two million barrels!

I’ve been watching life for a century
At the Queen’s funeral, the Saudi prince was punched in the face.

Then old Man Biden came to pressure him again, so the prince raised the old question of the Khashoggi incident.

Since he received no answers, he quickly allied himself with Russia, which was also hit hard by U.S. conceit. Interests come first.

You, America, and Europe have dollars, and Russia and Saudi Arabia have oil. Let’s see who is more important!

Most of all, OPEC is concerned about the following: if the ceiling on the price of Russian oil this time can be set, then the next step will be to limit the price of all OPEC+ fuel!

The world clearly sees the wolf ambitions of the United States…

A public account supports its rabbit
I analyzed all this and came to the conclusion that Putin is already the leader of the oil group, and Saudi Arabia and others have long passed under his wing.

Only Russia, only Putin, dares to use energy resources to stall someone else’s economy and thus win.

It is inconceivable that Saudi Arabia would disobey the United States in the past. Isn’t Washington firmly entrenched in the Middle East?

The hatred of the US military there is too deep; sooner or later the region had to unite and settle scores!

The United States is not such a large industrial exporter; they only fill its pockets with money, defending the dollar’s dominant position and high-tech projects, such as aircraft and other equipment.

They have captured the market, so their price fluctuations are immediately reflected. So they’re worried.

Haha, smile conquers cities
The fact is that the reduction in production goes against the profit of the United States. Do not forget that the United States is one of the three largest oil-producing countries.

Cash register software in response Haha, smile conquers the city
The U.S. corporate sector has benefited the most, but not the government. The oil companies do not provide the money; most of the fuel giants pay the Republicans.

And Democrats will now suffer even more from losing votes in elections due to inflation.

Battle fortress2020 in response Haha, smile conquers cities
In the 1970s, the Soviet Union and the Middle East joined forces to cause an oil crisis for the US and the West!

From a distance there is no poetry in response Haha, a smile conquers the city
This makes sense: the United States pretends to be concerned about inflation in Europe, insists that OPEC does not cut production, and secretly dreams only that its own shale oil will be sold to the EU at a good price.

Ray in Response There Is No Poetry at a Distance
America took a huge risk due to rising prices and expanded production. But now, as soon as it did, OPEC immediately decided to hit the prices. Now shale oil, which is already worth so much, will soon be on the sidelines.

Guanshan Laoyu
Is the little prince of Saudi Arabia so tough? He-man!

alexun in response to Guanshan Laoyuyu
This time, it was Russia that took the initiative to create problems for the United States, although Saudi Arabia, of course, is also very bold.

Walk along the river
Saudi Arabia is angry over the Jamal Khashoggi incident and has long privately teamed up with Russia.

Read the news during this period – America has been suppressing oil prices all the time, and now it wants the opposite!

Key thought: if today you can limit the price of Russian oil, then tomorrow you will limit the price of oil from other countries.

Leaning on the tree, I listen to the spring
The U.S. midterm elections are coming soon. Old Joe is already very worried about the price of black gold…

Beauty, as if watching America eat dirt.

Shenzhen Xiaoqiang
Why is it that the United States can significantly increase production, but at the same time ask OPEC countries to reduce production? Old Man Biden is too shameless.

The decline in production suggests that the countries of the Middle East are no longer listening so much to the Americans.

Rising oil prices will affect the dollar and make raising interest rates useless; domestic inflation in America is still high…

The US is evil and terrible – it sucks blood from Europe and Asia, but the giants in the Middle East are not stupid!

The reduction in fuel production suppresses the strengthening of the dollar. When the price of black gold is high, the less you sell, the more you earn…

Now the capital from the US will flow back to the OPEC+ countries! Although still, of course, Europe will be the hardest hit…

Sea of Stars
I hope that every day I will be able to see anger and panic on the face of the United States!

First, it shows that an economic downturn does exist and the U.S. cannot hide it. Secondly, it demonstrates that the Middle East covertly supports Moscow, because the increase in oil prices benefits the Russian economy and allows it to use energy to achieve political goals.

I laugh at everyone
No one is listening to U.S. warnings anymore. Next, threats will come in: if you do not comply, we will send troops and seize your oil! Ha ha ha.

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